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YP In-Depth: One Billion Americans?

YP In-Depth

Matthew Yglesias, co-founder of Vox, joins Council YPs for an interactive discussion on how the United States can leverage population to remain globally competitive.

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Past Events

Québec's Role in the Global EV Revolution


World-leading battery expert and Strategic Advisor to Investissement Québec Dr. Karim Zaghib discusses the rapidly evolving world of electric vehicles and their impact on the global economy, climate, and the future of transportation.

A charging port is seen on a Mercedes Benz EQC 400 4Matic electric vehicle

World Review: Russia-NATO Talks, Kazakhstan, and Xi in 2022

World Review

Ivo Daalder talks with Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian, Peter Spiegel, and Giles Whittell to get their perspectives on the news of the week and what to keep an eye on in the days ahead.

NATO diplomacy on Russia

Commentary & Analysis

To Fight Global Corruption, US Must Address Its Role in It

In the News
Chicago Tribune
Elizabeth Shackelford

"To be a credible champion of good governance and democracy, America must make fighting corruption a higher priority," writes Elizabeth Shackelford in the Chicago Tribune.

The United States capitol building with dark clouds above wide angle shot in Washington, DC.
US Foreign Policy

Tense Talks as US, NATO Meet with Russia

In the News
PBS Newshour
Ivo H. Daalder

“The only way to prevent that military threat from coming to fruition is for the alliance to be unified,” Council President Ivo Daalder tells PBS Newshour.

Screenshot of Council President Ivo Daalder speaking on PBS Newshour with
Global Politics


Democrats and Republicans Support International Trade

Public Opinion Survey by Karl Friedhoff

There is broad agreement that international trade delivers benefits to consumers and to companies and is even good for creating jobs in the United States.

Containers are stacked on the deck of the cargo ship on the ocean.
Public Opinion

Republicans and Democrats in Different Worlds on Climate Change

Public Opinion Survey by Coauthors

As President Biden heads to the UN Climate Change Conference, he will grapple with significant divides in domestic public opinion.

An artist finishes a mural of the earth on fire with the caption "while you were talking."
Climate and the Environment


Paul Poast 

Nonresident Fellow, Foreign Policy and Public Opinion
Council expert Paul Poast