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Ben Bernanke with Martin Wolf on the Global Financial Crisis

Join Ben Bernanke in conversation with the Financial Times’ Martin Wolf as he pulls back the curtain on the Federal Reserve, the financial crisis, and its aftermath.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015
5:00 pm

Chicago Theatre
175 N State St
Chicago, IL 60601

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Ben Bernanke with Martin Wolf on the Global Financial Crisis

Commentary: Global Economy

TPP - Quick Reaction

The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal was reached. So, is it time to break out the champagne? Senior fellow Phil Levy takes a closer look on the World of Cents blog.

Commentary: Global Security

A Clear Choice for Putin over Syrian Campaign

"In deploying military forces in Syria and quickly starting a bombing campaign, has Vladimir Putin outfoxed Barack Obama?" Chicago Council President Ivo Daalder weighs in with an op-ed on the Financial Times.

Spotlight onAmerican Public Opinion on China

  • 88%

    of Americans define the US-China relationship as important

    2015 Council Survey
  • 52%

    of Americans believe China’s influence in Asia will grow over the coming decade

    2015 Council Survey
  • 31%

    of Americans believe China’s emerging economic power is a critical threat to the US

    2015 Council Survey

US Role in the Middle East

The US role in the Middle East is fraught with complexities—from combating Islamic extremism, to managing relations with bitter allies and enemies alike, to dealing with Russia bombing US-backed rebels in Syria.

Join us for a series of events to discuss the issues with Ambassador Dennis Ross, New York Times national security reporter Scott Shane, and former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Robert Jordan.


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