The Chicago Forum
on Global Cities

How will cities shape the future? How will the future shape cities? The Chicago Council and Financial Times launch a new dialogue on global cities May 27-29.

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Panetta on Leadership in War and Peace

Former Defense Secretary and CIA Director Leon Panetta will join Chicago Council President Ivo Daalder on March 19 for a frank discussion on foreign policy, the CIA, and the current challenges to America's leadership abroad.

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Video and summary

"I'm my own man"

Video of our Feb. 18 program with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, including a summary from Richard C. Longworth, distinguished fellow at The Chicago Council.

Public Opinion

Latinos’ views on foreign policy

When it comes to views on US foreign policy, Hispanic Americans share a similar worldview with other Americans, according to a new report from The Chicago Council.

Global Agriculture

Did you know that malnutrition affects one in two people on the planet? In the lead-up to our Global Food Security Symposium 2015, we've launched a new blog series examining global nutrition. Look for a new 

post every Wednesday, and join us as we kick off our discussion on nutrition at our third annual Global Health Symposium on March 6.

Women's Health: Rewriting the Goals

The third annual International Women's Day Global Health Symposium will explore the nutrition system, global mental health, using big data, maternal health, and much more.

Friday, March 6, 2015
7:30 am

Standard Club
320 South Plymouth Court
Chicago, IL 60604

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Women's Health: Rewriting the Goals

Policy & Politics

As the mouse and keyboard become our sword and shield, how should law enforcement and the military prepare to meet this challenge? Do companies and individuals have the tools to protect personal 

identities, privacy, and business infrastructure? Join us this spring for the Cyber Crime Series, exploring the dark side of the web.

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