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Transatlantic Relations

Transatlantic relations are crucial to confronting a host of issues— the Iran nuclear deal, a resurgent Russia,  the planned transatlantic trade agreement, and Syrian refugees.

Join us for a series of fall events exploring the critical issues that require close collaboration between the United States, the EU, and European countries.

Commentary: Global Economy

Stock Market Slide Challenges Obama’s China Policy

"The difficulty with China that played out with both the [George W.] Bush administration and now the Obama administration is the underlying question of, 'What do we want them to do?'" Chicago Council Global Economy Senior Fellow Philip Levy tells the Washington Post.

Commentary: Global Cities

A Unified View of Urban Water

Chicago Council Global Cities Fellow Michael Tiboris gives three important takeaways from his August trip to the US Water Alliance’s One Water Leadership Summit. Held in San Francisco, the US Water Alliance’s One Water Leadership Summit brings together leaders in municipal water management to collaborate on multiple issues including water stress, sustainability, and land use.

DC Release: Public Opinion, Foreign Policy, and the Road to 2016

On the date of the second Republican debate, Chicago Council President Ivo H. Daalder and Senior Fellow Dina Smeltz join POLITICO Editor Susan B. Glasser to discuss the findings of the 2015 Chicago Council Survey of public opinion on US foreign policy.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015
11:30 am

W Hotel
515 15th Street NW
Washington, DC 20004

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DC Release: Public Opinion, Foreign Policy, and the Road to 2016

Spotlight onAmerican Public Opinion on Iran

  • 6 in 10

    Americans favor the framework of an agreement with Iran

    2015 Council Survey
  • 67%

    of Americans support using US troops "to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons"

    2015 Council Survey
  • 56%

    of Americans support US airstrikes "against Iranian nuclear facilities" if Iran violates the deal

    2015 Council Survey

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