For Russia & Turkey — Prevention Better than Escalation

On the heels of Turkey shooting down a Russian plane, Council President Ivo Daalder calls for detailed protocol to prevent future escalation in a new op-ed for the Financial Times.

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Global Crisis Response

Since the Syrian Civil War began over four years ago, a dire humanitarian situation has been unfolding with approximately half of Syria’s pre-war population displaced from their homes. Join us on December 8 to discover how experts are handling the situation on the ground.

And don't miss upcoming programs examining health care response on the front lines on December 3 and how indigenous peoples are facing the challenges of climate change on December 10.

Commentary: Global Economy

Is It Already Too Late for Obama to Push the TPP Through Congress?

President Obama celebrated the completion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership in Manila—but will Congress approve it before he is out of office? Senior fellow Phil Levy explores in his latest piece for Foreign Policy.

Commentary: Public Opinion

Youth and Politics in South Korea

New polls out of South Korea find ongoing youth dissatisfaction with political leadership and little hope for that to change in the long-term. Fellow Karl Friedhoff takes a closer look at the numbers on the Running Numbers blog.

Spotlight onAmerican Public Opinion on Terrorism

  • 55%

    of Americans perceive Islamic fundamentalism as a “critical threat”

    2015 Council Survey
  • 77%

    of Americans support US air strikes against terrorist training camps and other facilities

    2015 Council Survey
  • 72%

    of Americans cite the possibility of violent Islamic extremists groups carrying out a major terrorist attack in the US a “critical threat”

    2015 Council Survey

Cities Drive the World — What Drives the World's Cities?

A panel of experts examines how cities can maintain their cultural and competitive edge and maximize the benefits of global integration while minimizing risks.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015
7:30 am

University Club
76 E Monroe St
Chicago, IL 60603

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Cities Drive the World — What Drives the World's Cities?


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