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Biden's Pragmatic Play on North Korea

In the News
The Hill
Matthew Abbott

Matt Abbott discusses the Biden administration's approach to North Korea.

Global Politics

Americans are Divided over Boycotting the 2022 Beijing Olympics. Here’s the Data.

In the News
The Washington Post
Craig Kafura

Craig Kafura discusses public opinion of Americans regarding the 2022 Olympics in Beijing.

Public Opinion

What a Stranded Container Ship Showed Us About Globalization

In the News
Chicago Tribune
Elizabeth Shackelford

Elizabeth Shackelford explains how we can better prepare our people and economy for disruptions.

a boat filled with shipping containers
Global Economy, Trade and Business

Commentary: Imperiled higher education institutions key to state's future

In the News
Crain's Detroit
John Austin

The Midwest's colleges and universities are central to community economic renewal and COVID-19 recovery, a revival put at risk by recent fiscal, demographic and short-sighted public policy headwinds.

Global Cities

Fixing US Diplomacy

In the News
CATO Institute
Elizabeth Shackelford

Elizabeth Shackelford discusses US diplomatic policy.

US Foreign Policy

Why the US-China Strategic Rivalry Has Intensified

In the News
The National Interest
Paul Heer

Paul Heer discusses US-China relations.

Global Politics

Michael Moskow: A Manager to Remember

In the News
Nan McKay Connects TrailBlazer Podcast
Michael H. Moskow

Michael Moskow is interviewed for the Nan McKay Connects TrailBlazer Podcast.

Chicago Skyline
Global Politics

Ambiguity Doesn't Work. Taiwan Needs Strategic Clarity

In the News
RealClear Defense

"The American people can no longer delay on firm, concise action toward Taiwan," Commander Michele Lowe and Alice Cho explain.

US Navy
Defense and Security

Biden Recalibrates Trump's Approach To East Asia

In the News
Paul Heer

Paul Heer examines President Biden's relationship with East Asia.

President of the United States Joe Biden
The White House
US Foreign Policy

Brazil's President Is A Global Health Threat

In the News
Robert Muggah

Robert Muggah discusses Brazil's health crisis under the leadership of their president, Jair Bolsonaro.

Brazil's president Bolsonaro speaks to a crowd
Global Health