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Build Back Bluer: Water Innovation Can Drive Inclusive Economic Recovery in the Great Lakes

In the News
Chicago Business
Alaina Harkness

Alaina Harkness discusses the water infrastructure of the midwest.

Lake Michigan from Chicago

Nuclear War Was Barely Averted in 1983. Let That Guide US-China Relations Now.

In the News
Chicago Tribune
Ivo H. Daalder

Ivo Daalder explains why the United States and China must engage in a broad dialogue to avoid tensions escalating into a military confrontation neither sides wants.

Defense and Security

Rural America Needs Internet Access

In the News
The Hill
Dan Glickman

Dan Glickman discusses the need for internet access in rural America.

Science, Technology and Innovation

Hunger Is a Weapon of War. Food Can Help Prevent It.

In the News
Foreign Policy
Ertharin Cousin

As the ongoing conflict in Yemen shows, it’s time to fight starvation not only on humanitarian grounds but as an essential component of military and foreign policy.

Food and Agriculture

When Allies Go Nuclear

In the News
Foreign Affairs
Multiple Experts

Chuck Hagel, Malcolm Rifkind, Kevin Rudd, and Ivo Daalder, cochairs of a Council task force, offer recommendations on how to prevent nuclear proliferation and reassure America's allies.

An unarmed Trident II D5 missile is test-launched from the ballistic missile submarine USS Nebraska
Defense and Security

How America and Democracies Around the World Can Defeat Illiberalism

In the News
The National Interest
Michele Lowe

America should view its many threats as a collective advance of illiberalism acting against the post-World War II democratically led, rules-based world order.

Biden campaigning
US Foreign Policy

Biden's Top Challenge Abroad Is Something No One Wants to Talk About

In the News
The New York Times
Steven Erlanger

Steven Erlanger discusses the new era of nuclear threat facing the Biden administration.

US Foreign Policy

To Stop Endless Wars, Biden Needs to Give Up Some Power

In the News
Elizabeth Shackelford

Elizabeth Shackelford discusses the need for President Biden to distribute responsibilities for military decision making.

US Foreign Policy

Public Trust and Political Legitimacy in the Smart City: A Reckoning for Technocracy

In the News
Sage Journals
Kris Hartley

Kris Hartley examines the political legitimacy of technological undertakings in the public sector.

Science, Technology and Innovation

Making Change Happen Within the United Nations

In the News
American Diplomacy
Catherine Bertini

Catherine Bertini discusses President Biden's plans to reshape the role of the US in the United Nations.

United Nations Flags
Global Politics