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Council President Ivo Daalder during the 2019 Young Professionals (YP) Town Hall

As the premier, nonpartisan global affairs organization in America's heartland, we believe an informed, engaged public with access to fact-based and balanced views on global issues helps to ensure effective US engagement and supports a more inclusive, equitable, and secure world. Founded in 1922, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs takes no institutional policy positions and is committed to:

  • Engaging the informed and interested public in global affairs by curating relevant, timely content on critical issues and providing a balanced forum for challenging, thoughtful dialogues with global leaders, influencers, and experts.
  • Influencing discourse and decisions on important US foreign policy and national security issues by researching public opinion and producing original policy analysis through the Lester Crown Center on US Foreign Policy.
  • Elevating global cities as central actors shaping world affairs—politically, economically, socially, and culturally— by identifying and advancing city-based solutions and policy recommendations for critical global challenges through the Center on Global Cities.
  • Advancing a more sustainable and resilient global food system by building understanding of the challenges facing our planet and the most vulnerable producers and consumers and illuminating opportunities to influence policy debates through the Center on Global Food and Agriculture.
  • Building a diverse and inclusive community of globally minded members and donors and positioning the next generation to take global leadership roles by engaging them in the Council's mission and all we do.

For nearly a century, the Council on Global Affairs has provided a platform for a variety of different voices to promote deeper global understanding and active US engagement in the world. The views expressed by individuals on the Council's platforms, including this website, are their own and do not represent the institutional positions or views of the Council on Global Affairs, its members, or its supporters.