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World Review: Biden’s First Year, European Instability, and Ukraine


Every Friday, Ivo Daalder talks with reporters from some of the world’s leading media outlets to get their perspectives on emerging global stories and how they might unfold.

Biden gives speech

World Review: Russia-NATO Talks, Kazakhstan, and Xi in 2022

World Review

Ivo Daalder talks with Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian, Peter Spiegel, and Giles Whittell to get their perspectives on the news of the week and what to keep an eye on in the days ahead.

NATO diplomacy on Russia

Commentary & Analysis

Putin's Closing Window on Ukraine

Video Series
Featured Video

Is the window of opportunity closing for Putin’s aims in Ukraine? Nonresident Senior Fellow Mitchel Wallerstein weighs in on CNN.

Screenshot of Mitchel Wallerstein discussing Russia-Ukraine tensions on CNN.
US Foreign Policy

Biden’s North Korea Campaign Rhetoric Versus Reality

In the News
Responsible Statecraft
Matthew Abbott

How do Biden’s campaign promises match up with one year of his policy on North Korea? Matthew Abbott examines the record in Responsible Statecraft.

Biden seated at a desk in facing the teleconference of the East Asian Summit.
Adam Schultz
US Foreign Policy


2021 Chicago Council Survey

Public Opinion Survey by Coauthors

While the Biden administration seems to understand where Americans stand on China and domestic renewal to support global competitiveness, the data disproves their assumptions that Americans are skeptical about trade and weary of US global engagement and leadership.

Middle Class Homes
Public Opinion

2020 Public Attitudes on US Intelligence

Public Opinion Survey by Coauthors

A final Trump-Era survey confirms broad popular support for the intelligence community and reveals opportunities for greater transparency.

President Biden leaves helicopter
Public Opinion


Daniel W. Drezner 

Nonresident Senior Fellow, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy
Council expert Daniel W. Drezner