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YP Nexus: How Has Alcohol Shaped the World?

Explore how alcohol has been integral to social, cultural, and economic development across time and how it continues to affect our world today.
Tom Standage
Noah Rothbaum
Melinda Fakuade
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Today, the global alcohol industry is worth over $1.49 trillion and is one of the most influential sectors in the world. But how did alcohol become so societally important in the first place? Has alcohol played a bigger role in shaping our world than we originally thought? In this edition of YP Nexus, writers Tom Standage, Noah Rothbaum, and Melinda Fakuade explore how alcoholic drinks became such an integral part of human history and served as a technological tool, shaping the social, economic, and geopolitical evolution of civilizations across the globe.

About YP Nexus

YP Nexus is a collection of conversations on the intersection of global issues and trends and the everyday lives of young people. Millennials, Gen Z, and ambitious Gen Alpha—this is the one-stop global shop for you. Though topics are tailored to young professionals, all are welcome to join these conversations.

About the Speakers
Tom Standage
Deputy Editor, The Economist
Tom Standage is deputy editor of The Economist and editor of the yearly “The World in..” series. He leads the newspaper’s digital strategy and the development of new digital products, including Espresso and Economist Films. Standage has authored six history books, including A History of the World in 6 Glasses.
Hall Full Editor, The Daily Beast
Noah Rothbaum is the editor of The Daily Beast’s Half Full section. He also hosts the podcast Life Behind Bars with cocktail historian David Wondrich. Rothbaum is the author of The Art of American Whiskey: A Visual History of the Nation’s Most Storied Spirit, through 100 Iconic Labels and the forthcoming The Whiskey Bible.
Culture & Features Associate Editor, Vox
Melinda Fakuade is the associate editor of culture and features at Vox. She has written for The Cut, The Outline, Rolling Stone, and MEL Magazine, among many other outlets. She covers the culture of objects and consumerism.