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Past Events

China's Rise and Reach: The Belt and Road City


This workshop, part of the Great Powers and Urbanization Project, examines how Belt and Road cities are likely to shape patterns of globalization in the 21st century.

View of the New York City skyline with a blue sky
Dimitry Anikin

The Post-COVID City

Pritzker Forum on Global Cities

The CEO of United Airlines, the President of Microsoft, the Governor of Tokyo, and other civic and industry leaders from around the world discuss the resilience of cities and how they may revive their social and economic vitality.

Commentary & Analysis

How Democrats Can Rebuild Their "Blue Wall" in the Midwest

In the News
The Hill
John Austin

Dems must offer “economic opportunities and optimism to the largely white, working-class voters,” writes Nonresident Senior Fellow John Austin in the Hill.

Biden observes trainers and apprentices at work at the welding station during a tour of Plumbers & Gasfitters Local 5 Training Facility
Adam Schultz
Global Cities

US Must "Ally-Shore" to Reassure Partners

In the News
John Austin

John Austin writes in Newsweek how "for economic growth, international security, global political stability and the protection of our democracies—the time for ally-shoring is now!"

U.S. Secretary of State Blinken attends a member session at the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting
Global Cities


Reclaiming the Right to the City

Report by Coauthors

In this report edited by Ian Klaus and Samuel Kling, a diverse set of experts examine the question of rights in, and to, the city in a wide and exciting array of geographies and contexts.

People in Brooklyn Bridge Park, with the sunset in the background
Franck Michel
Global Cities

Serving the Citizens—Not the Bureaucracy

Report by Sascha Haselmayer

New America's Sascha Haselmayer presents a strategic vision for city procurement.

City planners look at a document
Global Cities


John Austin 

Nonresident Senior Fellow, Global Midwest
Council expert John Austin

Flavia Carbonari 

Nonresident Fellow, Global Cities
Council expert Flavia Carbonari
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