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Upcoming Events

The Right to the Shoreline


Sam Kling, Cynthia Weiss, and Sonja Henderson discuss the Right to the Shoreline and the art it inspires, cohosted with the Chicago Public Art Group.

A Chicago Public Art Group piece.
Chicago Public Art Group

World Cities Summit 2022

Join global, business, and thought leaders worldwide in person as they share best practices and ideas for cities to emerge more liveable, sustainable, and resilient, from prolonged and unpredictable disruptions.

Structures of the Gardens by the Bay with skyscrapers in the background

Past Events

Global Voices, Local Action: Arts & Culture


The Council partners with the Metropolitan Planning Council and the City of Chicago to discuss the We Will Chicago Plan with city leaders from London and Chicago.

A subway car rides along the tracks towards The Trump International Hotel and Tower in downtown Chicago, Illinois.

Ukraine and Cities on the Frontlines

Event Series: Pritzker Forum on Global Cities

In the face of urban warfare, mayors and local communities have emerged as symbols of leadership, resistance, and resilience.

Black and white photo of a destroyed car and apartment buildings in Ukraine

Commentary & Analysis

The Vast, Untapped Potential of City Procurement

In the News
Smart Cities Dive
Sascha Haselmayer

Sascha Haselmayer argues for local governments to engage with their residents more on public procurement, the process by which cities buy goods and services.

A pile of $1, $5, and $10 American bills.
Global Cities

America Is the World’s Gun Store

In the News
Foreign Policy
Robert Muggah

"US sales of lethal firearms aren’t just a domestic issue," argues Nonresident Senior Fellow Robert Muggah in Foreign Policy.

Gold bullets in a pile on grey surface next to black magazine.
Defense and Security


City Diplomacy During COVID-19: The 2022 Cities and International Engagement Survey

Report by Michele Acuto

This report presents findings from a survey of city governments that identifies major issues for international engagement, including the COVID-19 pandemic and response.

Global Cities

Paths to New Prosperity in Industrial Regions of the West

Working Paper by Coauthors

Local strategies can revive economies, nurture hope, and diminish the appeal of antidemocratic populism in struggling industrial regions.

Industrial city skyline and bridge with blue clouds.
Karen Green
Global Cities


Michele Acuto 

Nonresident Senior Fellow, Global Cities
Council expert Michele Acuto
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Nonresident Senior Fellow, Global Midwest
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