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US Economic Trends to Watch in 2022

Goldman Sachs’ chief economist Jan Hatzius considers the outlook for the US economy in 2022.
Jan Hatzius
Colby Smith
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While COVID-19’s public health toll continues, the pandemic lockdowns and stimulus programs of 2021 have generated a number of economic effects in the United States. Record inflation, drastic price fluctuations, container ship logjams, and “the great resignation” are signs of the global economy finding a new equilibrium. Faced with these potential threats to growth, what is the outlook for the US economy in 2022? Goldman Sachs’ chief economist Jan Hatzius and the Financial Times' US economics editor Colby Smith join the Council to highlight trends that businesses and consumers should watch for in the months ahead.

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About the Speakers
Chief Economist, Goldman Sachs
Jan Hatzius is Goldman Sachs’ head of the Global Investment Research Division and chief economist. He is a member of the Firmwide Client and Business Standards Committee, the economic advisory panels of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, and the Congressional Budget Office.
US Economics Editor, Financial Times
Colby Smith is US economics editor at the Financial Times. She previously covered US rates, foreign exchange, and Latin America for the Financial Times' markets team in New York. She has also written for Alphaville and, prior to the Financial Times, worked at the Economist and Bloomberg.