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Iran May be Biden’s First Foreign Policy Challenge

Deep Dish Podcast

The United States' strategy towards Iran must include more than just returning to the Iran nuclear agreement, our Deep Dish guests argue.

Supreme leader display seen at Baharestan Square in Tehran
US Foreign Policy

The Arab World Reacts to The Abraham Accords

Running Numbers by Renee Perper

The Abraham Accords didn't provoke a reaction among many Arab states. Why?

Israeli flag with landscape in the background
Cole Keister
Defense and Security


Conflict-Related Sexual Assault—Historic Barriers to International Recognition

Working Paper by Nicole Mattea

This working paper further explains the recent emergence of conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV) into international discourse and preventative strategies.

A woman in a stands outside the Women's Centre in Balukhali camp March 6, 2018.
UN Women/Allison Joyce
Women and Girls

Majority of Iranians Oppose Development of Nuclear Weapons

Public Opinion Survey by Dina Smeltz

Nationwide surveys conducted by IranPoll show that although Iranians say their country should not develop nuclear weapons, they have lost confidence in the nuclear agreement.

Flag of Iran.
David Sandoz/Flickr
Defense and Security


Saeid Golkar 

Nonresident Senior Fellow, Iran Policy
Council expert Saeid Golkar

Jonathan Schachter 

Nonresident Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy
Council expert Jonathan Schachter