America Shrugs While Democracy around the World Retreats

"Democracy is in retreat," writes Council President Ivo Daalder in his latest Chicago Tribune column. "That is the sobering conclusion of the latest annual report, Freedom in the World, published by Freedom House." Daalder discuses this historic ebb and flow of democracy across the world and explains the trends that are dealing the most damage to democracy today.

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Resilient Chicago Strategy Release

The City of Chicago released Resilient Chicago, the city’s road map for a resilient future, from the Council's stage. This dialogue on resilience will continue at the Council’s 2019 Pritzker Forum on Global Cities, hosted in partnership with the Financial Times June 5 to 7.

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Deep Dish: France’s Yellow Vest Protests Explained

Protesters in high-visibility vests have taken to the streets in France for weeks. Sophie Pedder of The Economist and Benjamin Haddad of the Atlantic Council explain what the demonstrations mean for France and Europe in this week's Deep Dish podcast.

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Wait Just a Minute: John Mearsheimer

In our latest episode of Wait Just a Minute, John Mearsheimer, University of Chicago professor and co-director of the university’s Program on International Security Policy, explains what’s wrong with the liberal hegemonic worldview, why he believes realism serves as a better lens, and whom he’d most like to debate on the subject.

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Emerging Leaders

Apply to Be a Part of the Emerging Leaders Class of 2020

Every year the Council selects a class of approximately 20 participants with high potential from across Chicago’s business, cultural, civic, and academic sectors and provides a robust expansive platform to deepen their fluency and exposure to global affairs and policy. Apply now to become part of the Class of 2020!

Global Food and Agriculture

Uncharted Waters: Farmer-Led Irrigation for Agricultural Intensification

The basic challenge for the global food system is feeding a larger and generally wealthier population...on water resources that are already over-extended in high production areas, writes Michael Tiboris in Global Food for Thought. This challenge can be met but it is more complicated than simply finding more water to grow the food we need.

2019 Global Food Security Symposium

By 2050, water stress will affect more than one half of the world’s population. How will we grow an adequate quantity—and quality—of food to feed and nourish a rapidly growing, urbanizing world in the face of increasing water insecurity? Hear from government leaders, social innovators, and influencers at the Global Food Security Symposium 2019 on March 20-21, in Washington, DC.

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Security: Israeli, Palestinian, and US Regional Strategies

In an era of decentralized terrorism, cyber conflict, and political uncertainty, any national security strategy needs to be dynamic. How are the US, Israel, and Palestine responding to geopolitical shifts in a rapidly changing region?

Thursday, February 21, 2019
Doors open: 5:15 pm
Event: 5:30 pm

Chicago Council on Global Affairs Conference Center
130 East Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60601

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Security: Israeli, Palestinian, and US Regional Strategies

Girls Leading: From Rural Economies to Global Solutions

Many of the most pressing global issues—climate change, economic development, health, and education—demand that we consider rural girls. The world changes as her life changes.


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