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Watch: Diane Swonk on the Coronavirus Impact and 2020 Economic Currents

While the stock market has largely been impacted by the coronavirus, the next test is how the US and the global economy will continue to absorb shocks, even after the injection of the $2 trillion relief package to the US economy. Grant Thornton’s chief economist Diane Swonk joins The Economist’s Midwest Correspondent Adam Roberts for a video conversation on the economic currents of the day and the developing impact of COVID-19.

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Listen: Mervyn King on Managing the COVID-19 Economic Crisis

Stock markets have plunged, economic output is falling, businesses are closed with some facing bankruptcy, and unemployment is soaring as a result of COVID-19. In a new episode of Deep Dish, former Bank of London governor Lord Mervyn King draws from lessons he learned during the 2008 financial crisis to discuss how to manage the current economic uncertainty. 

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LIVE STREAM: Learning from COVID-19 to Fight Climate Change

While the future is uncertain, there may be lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic that will help tackle climate change. Experts discuss the long-term strategies societies could adopt to maintain and expand environmental gains from this unprecedented period.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020
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LIVE STREAM: Learning from COVID-19 to Fight Climate Change

Global Food and Agriculture

When Hand Washing is a Luxury, a Pandemic's Legacy Lengthens

"Until the pandemic outbreak, washing hands was a mundane task in rich precincts of the world, a chore largely taken for granted,"  the Council's Roger Thurow write for the Global Food for Thought blog. "Soap is seen as a routine commodity. But in many parts of Africa, as well as elsewhere in the developing world, properly washing hands is a luxury, as is soap." 


Deep Dish Special Edition: COVID-19 Lessons from South Korea

Through a series of special edition Deep Dish episodes, we’re taking you inside the global COVID-19 pandemic response by talking to journalists on the ground. The Wall Street Journal’s Dasl Yoon, reporting from Seoul, joins us to explain what other countries can learn from South Korea’s innovative approaches to successfully flatten the curve of new infections – without shutting down the economy.

2020 US Presidential Election

The 2020 presidential election will be decided in large part by Midwestern voters in key swing states. As key issues like trade, immigration, and national security drive debates, access to balanced views on the factors influencing American foreign policy will be critically important for voters. In the lead up to the election, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs will explore the issues, forces, and trends shaping America in 2020 through events, research, and content.


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