Deep Dish: What Can Mexico Really Do About Migration?

This week President Donald Trump touted a new agreement with Mexico to stem the flow of migrants into the United States. But Mexican officials claimed both sides were still evaluating the situation. Earl Anthony Wayne, a former US ambassador to Mexico, joins Deep Dish to discuss what can realistically be done about migrants.

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Video: #AskIvo - Can a New Prime Minister in the UK Make Brexit Work?

Neither David Cameron nor Theresa May delivered a deal on Britain’s departure from the European Union. As the Conservative Party prepares to select its new leader, Council President Ivo Daalder answers a question about whether the next prime minister will fare any better.

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Video: 2019 Pritzker Forum on Global Cities

More than 80 speakers from 41 cities around the world participated in panels, flashtalks, fireside chats, and in private workshops at the 2019 Pritzker Forum on Global Cities, cohosted by the Council and the Financial Times in Chicago last week. Watch Rahm Emanuel on cities having a voice at the global table, Steve Case on the rise of the rest, David Miliband on cities and refugees, Helen Clark on cities shaping migration policy, Sergio Fajardo on stopping urban violence, and many others exploring public art, women in politics, and financing the SDGs. 

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Video - Water and Sustainability

By 2050, more than half of the world’s population could be at risk due to stress on water resources. The Council’s new report From Scarcity to Security: Managing Water for a Nutritious Food Future highlights the critical nature of this issue, obstacles to be resolved, and innovative solutions that will help us achieve water- and food-security. Hear from some of the thought leaders and innovators on the issue in a rapid-fire flashtalk program for the report’s Chicago release.

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Global Cities

How Cities Can Build Better Urban Transit Systems

At the 2019 Pritzker Forum on Global Cities, global cities fellow Samuel Kling and Forum speaker Samuel Schwartz on WBEZ's Worldview to discuss which cities are getting transportation right and how others can improve, looking at issues like congestion taxes and the role that electric and driverless cars will play in the city landscape moving forward.

Global Economy

Who Won the Mexican Trade War of 2019?

The Mexican Trade War began with a Tweet and concluded with a Tweet, Phil Levy writes in Forbes. As it happened, no actual tariffs were applied, but there were still consequences. The President and his supporters have claimed the result as a victory, although most politicians do not hold their victories for public announcement on a Friday evening.

Next Generation at the Council

The Council carries out its misson in part by positioning the next generation to take a global leadership role through events, programs, and fellowships designed to enhance their global acumen and expand their professional networks. Here's what's up in Next Gen efforts at the Council: 


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