While US Plays Blame Game in Coronavirus Crisis, China Shows Leadership

“China is eagerly stepping into the void created by America’s abdication of global leadership,” Council President Ivo Daalder writes in the Chicago Tribune. “It’s long looked for an opportunity to do so. It’s perhaps the ultimate irony that it may now succeed in becoming a global leader because of a crisis that its earlier failures helped produce.” 

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Rahm Emanuel on Cities in the Age of Pandemics

As cities and local governments face increasing risks of outbreaks in the future, what resources do they have to prepare for pandemics and safeguard the lives and livelihoods of the most vulnerable? Two-term Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel joins Council President Ivo Daalder to share his insights into the challenges facing cities in the age of pandemics.

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Deep Dish: What the US Can Learn from the Global Responses to COVID-19

Countries across the globe are rushing to contain COVID-19 and “flatten the curve” – with mixed results. POLITICO’s Ryan Heath joins Deep Dish to explain the lessons the United States can learn from countries that are further ahead in the infection timeline. 

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LIVE STREAM: Diane Swonk on the Coronavirus Impact and 2020 Economic Currents

Diane Swonk, Grant Thornton’s chief economist, explains how the new US plan to provide payments to taxpayers, jobless benefits, and business bailouts might impact the economy and how it differs from measures taken during the 2008 financial crisis.

Friday, April 3, 2020
Event: 3:00 pm

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Chicago Council on Global Affairs
Chicago, IL 60601

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LIVE STREAM: Diane Swonk on the Coronavirus Impact and 2020 Economic Currents

Global Security

Wait Just a Minute: Oriana Skylar Mastro on Chinese Security Policy

Political scientist Oriana Skylar Mastro takes a minute to discuss the possibility of China’s expansion as a military power and the important role allies play in the relationship between the US and China.  

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Beyond Port Visits, US-Vietnam Relations Can Go Further

"There is room to expand this burgeoning relationship," the Council's Lieutenant Commander Matthew Dalton writes in the Diplomat. "While a full mutual defense alliance would be a bridge too far in today’s geopolitical environment, building upon what has already been accomplished will lead both countries toward a strong and lasting strategic partnership."

LIVE STREAM: Has China Won?

The United States and China are locked in a geopolitical contest for supremacy that will define the 21st century. Could COVID-19 and its economic fallout alter their global trajectories? Richard Fontaine and Kishore Mahbubani join the Council to discuss.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020
Event: 6:00 pm

via Zoom
Chicago Council on Global Affairs
Chicago, IL 60601

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LIVE STREAM: Has China Won?

2020 US Presidential Election

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