Mattis on Learning to Lead

Watch former US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis deliver the inaugural Lester Crown Distinguished Lecture on US Foreign Policy. In conversation with Council President Ivo H. Daalder, General Mattis discussed pressing security threats such as Iran and North Korea, as well as “ballooning debt” and internal divisions in the United States. During the event, held on the 18th anniversary of 9/11, Mattis looked back on his storied career at the forefront of American national security and reflected on the importance of allies, including NATO.

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Survey: Americans Steadfast in Support for Global Engagement, Divided on Critical Threats

Contrary to Washington rhetoric, most Americans across political parties are united in support of US global engagement, according to findings of the 2019 Chicago Council Survey of American public opinion on US foreign policy released on Monday. Most Americans do not support retreating from the world, abdication of US global leadership, or abandoning alliances including NATO. Americans do, however, divide sharply along partisan lines on immigration, climate change, and China. 

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Deep Dish: Ahead of Israeli Elections, Netanyahu Doubles Down on Foreign Policy

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that Israel will annex part of the Jordan Valley if he stays in power after elections on September 17. The decision comes as tensions with Hezbollah in Lebanon and with Iran-backed militias in Syria are flaring up.

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Watch Live: Truth Versus Truth: A New Age of Propaganda

Join us TODAY, Monday, Sept. 16, at 5:30 pm CT for a glimpse into the secret world of propaganda, disinformation, and hackers, when Peter Pomerantsev joins the Council for a discussion on everything from lone wolf social media provocateurs to Kremlin-led hackers and bots.

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Engage or Retreat? American Views on US Foreign Policy

Washington is torn between two futures for US foreign policy: one of engagement and intervention, another of restraint and retrenchment. But where do Americans stand on this? Join us for discussions about the findings of the 2019 Chicago Council Survey of American public opinion on US foreign policy on September 9 in Washington, D.C. and September 13 in Chicago.

Policy and Politics

Bolton Was Trump’s Best Match, Until He Wasn’t

"Each of Trump’s three national security advisers has tried, with mixed success, to tailor to the president’s instincts a process that brings government expertise to bear on decision-making," write Council President Ivo Daalder and I. M. Destler in Foreign Affairs. "Bolton was perhaps substantively and temperamentally the most suited to help Trump pusue his 'America first' foreign policy."

Public Opinion

The Biggest Puzzle of the 2020 Democratic Primary to Date

In an opinion piece by The Washington Post, Council Fellow Dan Drezner discusses the results of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs' 2019 survey. Citing the results of the survey, Drezner argues that Democratic candidates' policies toward trade don't match up with public opinion. 

Agnes Binagwaho on Reimagining Global Health Equity in Rwanda

On Oct. 3, Dr. Agnes Binagwaho, who alongside thousands of health professionals and community health workers contributed to rebuilding the Rwandan health system after the 1994 genocide, joins the Council for a discussion about global health equity.

Thursday, October 3, 2019
Doors open: 5:15 pm
Event: 5:30 pm

Chicago Council on Global Affairs Conference Center
McCormick Foundation Hall
130 East Randolph Street, IL 60601

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Registration closes October 3.

Agnes Binagwaho on Reimagining Global Health Equity in Rwanda


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