Deep Dish: Does President Trump Want a War with Iran?

The White House escalated warnings about a threat from Iran this week, Iran said it could resume enriching Uranium at higher levels, and another US warship was sent to the Middle East. Former National Security Council member Michael Singh and Ariane Tabatabai of RAND Corporation join Deep Dish to explain what's going on.

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#AskIvo: What Is the Chance of a Deal between the US and North Korea?

Pyongyang fired ballistic missiles after more than 500 days without violating UN Security Council resolutions. On this week's #AskIvo, Council President Ivo Daalder talks about the changing possibilities for a deal between the United States and North Korea.

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Pritzker Forum on Global Cities

The 2019 Pritzker Forum on Global Cities takes place in Chicago June 5 through 7. Join the world's leading urban thinkers and doers for this multiday, international forum cohosted by the Council and the Financial Times. Explore city-based solutions to global challenges, including mobility, migration, and affordable housing with mayors and other civic leaders from Chicago, Barcelona, Brussels, Helsinki, London, Los Angeles, Medellín, Mexico City, Montréal, and New York among many others.

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Watch - What’s Your Story? Connecting Chicago to the Top of the World

The metropolis of Chicago and the remote communities of the Canadian Arctic seem to almost be worlds apart. And the distinct environment and culture of each place has shaped the outlook of those who live there. Yet there is a surprising amount that unites the inhabitants of these communities—and that they can learn from each other—as they strive to understand their place in a rapidly changing world. This spring the Council will convene voices from the top of the world, and Chicago, to celebrate their differences and explore their shared aspirations through the timeless art of storytelling.

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Global Economy

The Escalating Trade War, and What It May Mean for US Consumers

The United States-China trade war and escalated tariffs over the past two weeks have global markets concerned. Phil Levy joined Chicago Tonight to explain what American consumers should take note of and what impacts they may feel from increased tariffs on Chinese imports.

Global Economy

Trump Retreats on North American Metals Trade

On Friday, President Trump announced that the “national security” tariffs were coming off steel and aluminum from Canada and Mexico. Phil Levy writes in Forbes that the steel and aluminum tariffs have been a futile and costly experiment in protectionism. They remain on many countries in the world, but the opening to our neighbors is to be celebrated.

The Shadow War: A Conversation with CNN's Jim Sciutto

America’s well-known competitors and adversaries are quickly adapting to this a new, covert battlefield, challenging the United States’ global dominance. CNN's Jim Sciutto discusses this and more on June 10.

Monday, June 10, 2019
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The Shadow War: A Conversation with CNN's Jim Sciutto

Next Generation at the Council

The Council carries out its misson in part by positioning the next generation to take a global leadership role through events, programs, and fellowships designed to enhance their global acumen and expand their professional networks. Here's what's up in Next Gen efforts at the Council: 


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