This Week's Reads: Britain's Holiday from History

Britain’s holiday from history was supposed to end this week. Then Parliament voted 2-to-1 against Theresa May's Brexit deal that she painstakingly negotiated over the past 18 months. Now the future of the country's relationship with Europe is as unsettled as ever. Read Council President Ivo Daalder's take on the events in This Week’s Reads.

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Most South Koreans think Moon, not Trump, is leading the way on North Korea talks

New Council data is featured in The Washington Post, " there is renewed activity on denuclearization talks between the United States and North Korea, after months of relative inaction." Read more to see South Korean attitudes towards the denuclearization process.

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Deep Dish: The New US-Syria Policy

As the Trump administration prepares to withdraw US troops from Syria, former US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford and Tamara Cofman Wittes, former deputy assistant secretary of state for near east affairs, join this week's Deep Dish podcast to dissect the withdrawal's implications for the Middle East. 

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#AskIvo: Is China’s Investment in Africa a Debt Trap?

China is investing billions of dollars in Africa each year. But is Beijing’s largesse made with the best of intentions? See Council President Ivo Daalder's response in the latest installment of #AskIvo. Also, be sure submit your question for the next episode on Twitter to @IvoHDaalder using #AskIvo.

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Global Cities

Chicago Council on Global Affairs Receives $5 Million Gift from Pritzker Foundation

The Council announced it has received a $5 million multi-year commitment from the Pritzker Foundation to support its annual three-day global cities forum. The forum convenes civic, business, cultural and academic leaders from around the world to raise provocative questions about the influence of global cities and how they can solve pressing global challenges. The forum will be named the Pritzker Forum on Global Cities.

Global Economy

The China Checklist - How to Know We Have a Deal

If a market participant is trying to gauge whether the U.S.-China trade dispute is really settled or not, which rumors are meaningful and which are noise? One way to sort things out is to consider the three hurdles the Trump administration will need to clear to end the China trade war, writes Phil Levy in Forbes. Read more for his analysis of these hurdles.

The Situation Room: Global Policy-Making in the White House

How does global policymaking unfold in the Situation Room, the White House’s most guarded bunker?

Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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The Situation Room: Global Policy-Making in the White House

Girls Leading: From Rural Economies to Global Solutions

Many of the most pressing global issues—climate change, economic development, health, and education—demand that we consider rural girls. The world changes as her life changes.


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