Commentary: NATO at 70—Cracks in Alliance Are Significant

“Trump’s transactional approach to NATO wasn’t the only source of division in London,” explains Council President Ivo Daalder in the Chicago Tribune after the alliance’s leaders’ meeting this week. “Macron’s talk about ‘the brain death of NATO’ has also been deeply disruptive.” And, Daalder adds, “While Turkey’s Erdogan succeeded in staying largely offstage in London, Ankara’s actions in recent years have also torn on the fabric of NATO’s cohesion.” 

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Wait Just a Minute: Elisabeth Braw on Cyber Warfare

In this episode of Wait Just a Minute, Elisabeth Braw, director of the Royal United Services Institute’s Modern Deterrence Project, takes a minute to examine which countries are best at cybersecurity and whether a cyberattack is an act of war.

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Deep Dish: Goolsbee and Keynes on Trump's Trade Wars and the US Economy

The US-China trade war rolls on, Congress has not yet passed the USMCA, and the WTO’s appeals panel is in peril. At the same time, the US jobs market is booming. Austan Goolsbee and Soumaya Keynes join Deep Dish to discuss whether it’s a moment for optimism or concern about the US economy.

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Watch: The Future of Nuclear Energy

Exelon president and CEO Christopher Crane and former deputy secretary of energy Daniel Poneman join Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists president and CEO Rachel Bronson at the Council to discuss how climate change and terrorism might influence the future of nuclear energy. 

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Global Cities

Cities of the New Silk Roads

"Driven by infrastructure development, Chinese finance, and a massive geopolitical gambit, these cities and urban areas will bear the unique features of twenty-first century globalization, and will be critical to the century’s unfolding politics," write senior fellow Ian Klaus and nonresident senior fellow Simon Curtis in the Diplomatic Courier

Policy and Politics

NATO Allies Spooked by Trump despite White House Soothing

"The last two NATO meetings didn't go well," said Council president Ivo Daalder to Axios. "In 2017, [Trump] refused to reaffirm Article 5, and in 2018, he threatened to walk away from NATO if Europeans didn't spend more on defense."

Engage or Retreat? American Views on US Foreign Policy

Washington is torn between two futures for US foreign policy: one of engagement and intervention, another of restraint and retrenchment. But where do Americans stand? Read findings from the 2019 Chicago Council Survey of American public opinion on US foreign policy to learn how Americans feel on important issues, including trade, China, and divides between Democrats.

Cosmopolitanism and Global Citizenship

Philosopher Martha Nussbaum will lead a discussion on cosmopolitanism, or the idea that humans should associate by their shared humanity rather than by nation, class, gender or race.

Thursday, January 9, 2020
Doors open: 5:15 pm
Event: 5:30 pm

Chicago Council on Global Affairs Conference Center
McCormick Foundation Hall
130 East Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60601

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Cosmopolitanism and Global Citizenship


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