Americans See Climate Change as a Critical Threat

Ahead of the UN General Assembly Climate Action Summit, new data from the 2019 Chicago Council Survey reveal a majority of Americans view climate change as a critical threat. While the partisan difference in threat perceptions of climate change is wider than ever, Democrats rank climate change as the country’s most pressing foreign policy concern, while Republicans have grown more convinced that climate change needs to be addressed. 

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Americans Say a Nuclear Iran Is Unacceptable, Divide on Using Force

After potentially setting the stage for a historic meeting between Tehran and Washington, Iran has pulled back on the idea that Iran was involved in the September 14 attacks against Saudi oil installations. The 2019 Chicago Council Survey finds a majority of Americans still considered Iran’s nuclear program a critical threat, but at lower levels than before the signing of the 2015 nuclear deal. While majorities favor diplomatic and economic measures to punish Iran if it withdraws from the nuclear agreement, there is more limited support for military action. 

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Deep Dish: American Foreign Policy in the 2020 Election

National security, alliances, immigration, and trade wars have already surfaced in debates and speeches by 2020 US presidential candidates. But how do the candidates’ ideas match those of Americans overall?  James M. Lindsay and Dina Smeltz join Deep Dish to discuss the newly released 2019 Chicago Council Survey.

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LIVE Today: Germany and the US—Toward a New Transatlantic Future

Three-fourths of Americans say the United States should maintain or increase support for NATO and believe the US relationship with Germany strengthen US national security, according to the 2019 Chicago Council Survey. Watch live as experts discuss whether this robust support indicates a bright future for US-German relations or ignores larger strategic and economic forces driving these allies apart.

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Engage or Retreat? American Views on US Foreign Policy

Washington is torn between two futures for US foreign policy: one of engagement and intervention, another of restraint and retrenchment. But where do Americans stand on this? Join us for discussions about the findings of the 2019 Chicago Council Survey of American public opinion on US foreign policy on September 9 in Washington, D.C. and September 13 in Chicago.

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O’Brien Can Succeed as National Security Advisor

"O’Brien has the advantage of knowing what doesn’t work with Trump—neither too much formal process nor being too pushy in policy advocacy. He brings real, if modest, qualifications to the job," write Council President Ivo Daalder and I. M. Destler in Foreign Policy about the new national security advisor.


Deep Dish: The Australia-US Alliance in a Pacific Century

Australia has long been a strong ally of the United States, but new challenges and opportunities confront the alliance in the 21st century. Ahead of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s visit to Washington DC and to Chicago, Michael Fullilove joins Deep Dish to delve into the US-Australia relationship.

Agnes Binagwaho on Reimagining Global Health Equity in Rwanda

On Oct. 3, Dr. Agnes Binagwaho, who alongside thousands of health professionals and community health workers contributed to rebuilding the Rwandan health system after the 1994 genocide, joins the Council for a discussion about global health equity.

Thursday, October 3, 2019
Doors open: 5:15 pm
Event: 5:30 pm

Chicago Council on Global Affairs Conference Center
McCormick Foundation Hall
130 East Randolph Street, IL 60601

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Registration closes October 3.

Agnes Binagwaho on Reimagining Global Health Equity in Rwanda


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