Deep Dish: Cyberwarfare and Election Hacking – Is the US Ready?

Russian election interference changed the cyber playing field. While United States intelligence knows how it happened last time, what can it do to stop it from happening again? Cybersecurity experts Adam Segal and David Sanger join this week’s Deep Dish podcast to discuss the latest in US cyber policy.


Wait Just a Minute: Former Diplomat Cécile Shea

Our new web series, Wait Just a Minute, asks experts to answer complex questions about global affairs in 60 seconds. In this episode, former diplomat and security wonk Cécile Shea answers questions about what worries Americans about immigration, whether immigration policies can keep America safe, and what makes America great.


US-Russia Experts Paint a Dim Picture of Bilateral Relations

While President Donald Trump says the US-Russia relationship is on a new path, the relationship may be too negative and full of historic baggage to improve any time soon, according to a new survey conducted by the Council and the Levada Analytical Center in Russia. Among the key findings, experts in the United States and Russia say that both countries – and both presidents – are responsible for the strained relationship.

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Global Economy

Markets Have Taken Trade Conflicts in Stride — for Now

There has been a persistent belief that either President Trump’s trade threats are empty rhetoric or that the threats will lead quickly to a beneficial resolution, writes Phil Levy in The Hill. There is no evidence to support this optimism. 

Global Security

Trump’s Biggest Gift to Putin

President Trump’s trip to Europe last week produced a staggering volume of news. Ivo Daalder writes in The Atlantic that potentially lost in the shuffle was what could be the most consequential development of all: Trump has dealt a potentially fatal blow to America’s most effective defense alliance—NATO.

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