Report: As China Rises, Americans Seek Closer Ties with Japan

A new Council report shows that the American public is hesitant to get involved in a conflict between China and Japan, but public support for US bases in Japan is at an all-time high, and Americans across party lines want to build strong relations with US allies in Asia.

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This Week's Reads: Russia's Crimea Campaign Enters the Kerch Strait

It's been nearly three weeks since Russia seized three Ukrainian naval vessels and their crews at the entrance to the Sea of Azov, known as the Kerch Strait. The West’s response to this brazen act of war has been notable for its absence, writes Council President Ivo Daalder in This Week's Reads, as he outlines what NATO and western leaders should do to counter President Vladimir Putin. 

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Deep Dish: The War in Yemen

The war in Yemen has created one of the greatest unseen humanitarian tragedies in the world. It finally drew public attention after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, which triggered a debate about US involvement in the war. As peace talks begin in Sweden, Yemen expert Gregory Johnsen joins this week' Deep Dish podcast.

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Wait Just a Minute: Sheila Bair

In this episode of our web series Wait Just a Minute, former FDIC chair Sheila Bair discusses how the US can avoid another major economic collapse, the value of cryptocurrencies, and the trade war with China in under 60 seconds.

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Global Cities

How Cities can Lead on Climate Change Solutions

"This week, diplomats from about 130 countries are gathered in Katowice, Poland, for COP 24, the latest in the annual series of climate change meetings convened under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change," writes Ian Klaus in CityLab. Read Klaus's full interview with UN Climate expert Debra Roberts. 

Global Economy

Why are Markets Faltering? And Why it Matters

In the past week, global equity markets have dropped sharply. Phil Levy writes in Forbes that "...ill-advised protectionist policies may or may not be driving markets down. If President Trump comes to believe they are, it could be one of the few forces that could persuade him to steer away from a dangerous course."

Video: Millennials, Money, and Mobility

Around the world, millennials are fast becoming an economic force, and their attitudes towards spending, saving, and investing are disrupting entire industries. Watch PwC director Eileen Buckley, writer and comedian Gaby Dunn, wealth advisor Oliver Kupeand NerdWallet's Brianna McGurtran discuss how this demographic group thinks about money, and how businesses are responding.

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Pandemic Panic: Protecting an Interconnected World

On Thursday, January 17, learn how we can strengthen our health systems, prepare our global cities, and educate our communities to prevent the next pandemic.

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Pandemic Panic: Protecting an Interconnected World

America Engaged

The Trump administration has made bold attempts to reshape US foreign policy. Is the American public on board? Take a look at the findings of the 2018 Chicago Council Survey.


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