General Jim Mattis on Leadership and National Security

For the inaugural Lester Crown Distinguished Lecture on US Foreign Policy, General Mattis will share his outlook on leadership and US national security and defense. Registration is now open to members and nonmembers.

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#AskIvo: Is the World Really Coming Apart?

North Korea firing missiles. Russia and China cracking down on protests. South Korea and Japan openly feuding. India and Pakistan on the brink over Kashmir. A no-deal Brexit looming. The world is bedeviled with problems. In the latest #AskIvo, Council President Ivo Daalder answers a pressing question about why everything seems to be falling apart at once.

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Deep Dish: Kashmir Is the 72-Year 'Wound' between India and Pakistan

Narendra Modi’s government has revoked the constitutional provision that had long granted special autonomy to India-administered Kashmir. Bloomberg’s Nisid Hajari and Paul Staniland of the University of Chicago join Deep Dish to discuss how the decision has once again torn open tensions between India and Pakistan—and what it means for the United States.

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John Negroponte on American National Security Priorities for 2020

John Negroponte, former director of national intelligence and ambassador to the United Nations, explores the national security priorities of American voters – and the campaign pledges of the candidates – heading into the 2020 presidential election.

Friday, September 13, 2019
Doors open: 3:45 pm
Event: 4:00 pm

Chicago Council on Global Affairs Conference Center
McCormick Foundation Hall
130 East Randolph Street, IL 60601

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Registration closes September 13.

John Negroponte on American National Security Priorities for 2020

Policy and Politics

Trump’s Interest in Buying Greenland Seemed like a Joke. Then It Got Ugly.

President Trump cancelled a state visit with Denmark's Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen after she rejected his interest in purchasing the territory of Greenland. The Council's president Ivo Daalder tells The New York Times, “this is yet another blow to American credibility under President Trump...No leader, friend or foe, will take America seriously.”

Global Economy

The Next Battleground in Trump’s Trade War: Vietnam

While escalating trade tensions between the United States and China have commanded attention, an emerging player in global trade has quietly reaped the benefits, writes Alex Hitch in The Diplomat. Vietnam has become an alternative for companies looking to diversify their supply chains and hedge against rising political uncertainty.

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Pritzker Forum on Global Cities

Global cities are on the front lines of the world’s most pressing challenges: they are targets of terrorism, vulnerable to natural disasters, fraught with inequality, and plagued by urban violence. They are also at the center of the most innovative solutions.

Through in-depth panels moderated by Financial Times journalists, intimate discussions, innovative flash talks, intensive workshops, and informal networking – Forum participants will garner new ideas and understanding to improve the efficacy of urban networks, management, and design.


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