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What the Geopolitics of the EU-China Deal Mean for Biden

Deep Dish Podcast

Wendy Cutler and Noah Barkin join Brian Hanson to examine how the new investment deal will influence US foreign policy.

The European Union and Chinese flags
Global Politics

The Strategic Implications of the China-EU Investment Deal

In the News
The Diplomat
Theresa Fallon

The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment is a win for China, and a blow to transatlantic relations.

China and Eu flags
Marco Verch
Global Politics


Green COVID-19 Recovery and Transatlantic Leadership: What Are the Prospects?

Report by Paul Hofhuis

A Democratic victory provides greater opportunity for transatlantic collaboration, but underlying structures for cooperation among societal stakeholders in the United States need to be reinvigorated.

U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry Remarks on COP21 and Action Beyond Paris

Americans Divided over US Military Forces in Germany

Public Opinion Survey by Craig Kafura

The American public sees the US-German relationship as good for US national security but is divided over military forces in Germany.

Blackhawk helicopter taking off from an operating base.
Defense and Security