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What the New Executive Orders on Climate Mean for Global Food Security

Global Food for Thought by Multiple Authors

Integrating a climate lens into foreign policy and national security will have ripple effects on both domestic and global food security.

President Biden signs climate executive order
Food and Agriculture

In West Africa, Climate Change Equals Conflict

In the News
Foreign Policy
Robert Muggah

Robert Muggah discusses the conflicts of climate change in West Africa.

Climate and the Environment


Farmers on the Front Line: Agriculture's Role in Fighting Climate Change


Climate change is wreaking havoc on agriculture and food security both in the US and abroad. In collaboration with the Farm Journal Foundation, the Council provides recommendations that are targeted both domestically and internationally.

Food and Agriculture

Green COVID-19 Recovery and Transatlantic Leadership: What Are the Prospects?

Report by Paul Hofhuis

A Democratic victory provides greater opportunity for transatlantic collaboration, but underlying structures for cooperation among societal stakeholders in the United States need to be reinvigorated.

U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry Remarks on COP21 and Action Beyond Paris