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Public Opinion and Foreign Policy – Does It Matter, and If So, How?


Students within the Associated Colleges of the Midwest are invited to join a conversation with Council experts exploring a foreign policy strategy that addresses Midwestern audiences' priorities.

Biden in front of a screen at a climate summit.
White House

Past Events

Continue the Conversation: The Legacy of America's Longest War


Following the public program “The Legacy of America’s Longest War,” Sponsor-level members and above are invited to “Continue the Conversation” with Council experts on the current and future realities in Afghanistan.


Confronting China's Rise to Regional Dominance


A panel of experts from the United States, Japan, and South Korea discuss a coordinated trilateral response to China’s growing power in the Asia-Pacific region.

An aircraft carrier and a helicopter destroyer sail in formation with 16 other ships from the U.S. Navy and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force as aircraft from the U.S. Air Force and Japan Air Self-Defense Force fly overhead in formation.
Kaila V. Peters

Commentary & Analysis

Generational Gaps Close on Sense of Threat from Climate Change

Running Numbers by Katherine Stiplosek

Concern for the state of the planet spans generations, 2021 Chicago Council Survey data show.

Crowd kneels at a climate protest.
Climate and the Environment

For the American Public, Military Conflict Is the New Normal

In the News
The Hill

Dina Smeltz and Elizabeth Shackelford write in the Hill on the consequences of an American public desensitized to military action abroad, and what we must do about it.

.50 caliber machine gun fires on top of a tank during a combined arms live-fire exercise at night.
Sgt. Henry Villarama
US Foreign Policy


Americans Remain Committed to South Korea, View North Korea as an Adversary

Public Opinion Survey by Karl Friedhoff

2021 Chicago Council Survey data show that a majority of Americans hold favorable views of South Korea and would support defending the country from a North Korean attack.

North Korean missile test from September 2021.
Public Opinion

2021 Chicago Council Survey

Public Opinion Survey by Coauthors

While the Biden administration seems to understand where Americans stand on China and domestic renewal to support global competitiveness, the data disproves their assumptions that Americans are skeptical about trade and weary of US global engagement and leadership.

Middle Class Homes
Public Opinion


Joshua Busby 

Nonresident Fellow, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy
Nonresident Fellow, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy expert Joshua Busby

Daniel W. Drezner 

Nonresident Senior Fellow, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy
Council expert Daniel W. Drezner