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Past Events

Public Opinion and Foreign Policy – Does It Matter, and If So, How?


Students within the Associated Colleges of the Midwest joined a conversation with Council experts to explore a foreign policy strategy that addresses Midwestern audiences' priorities.

Biden in front of a screen at a climate summit.
White House

Continue the Conversation: The Legacy of America's Longest War


Following the public program “The Legacy of America’s Longest War,” Sponsor-level members and above are invited to “Continue the Conversation” with Council experts on the current and future realities in Afghanistan.


Commentary & Analysis

US Concern about COVID-19 Decreasing, but Partisan Divides Persist

Running Numbers by Emily Sullivan

Americans are less worried about COVID-19 than they have been at any point since the initial shutdown in early 2020, Council polling finds.

a person wears a mask on their wrist
Public Opinion

Yoon Scrambles to Restore Domestic Confidence

In the News
East Asia Forum
Karl Friedhoff

The South Korean president's approval ratings have declined due to an unending cascade of unforced errors, Karl Friedhoff writes.

South Korea's President Yoon Suk-yeol attends a NATO summit in Madrid, Spain
Public Opinion


2022 Chicago Council Survey

Public Opinion Survey by Coauthors

The Chicago Council Survey provides the most comprehensive view of American public opinion on US foreign policy issues, highlighting critical trends and shifts in thinking over time since 1974.

American and Ukrainian flags fly side by side
Public Opinion

Americans Split on Increasing Defense Spending

Public Opinion Survey by Karl Friedhoff

But large majorities support sending additional arms and military supplies to Ukraine, and if needed, Taiwan, Council polling shows.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin speaks at the Pentagon
US Department of Defense
Public Opinion


Joshua Busby 

Nonresident Fellow, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy
Nonresident Fellow, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy expert Joshua Busby

Daniel W. Drezner 

Nonresident Senior Fellow, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy
Council expert Daniel W. Drezner