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Tackling Inequality by Investing in Infrastructure

Alexander Hitch

By investing in infrastructure, the US can prepare communities to participate in a changing economy, increase access to opportunity, and address challenges highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

highway infrastructure
Miguel Ángel Sanz
Global Cities

How a Biden Infrastructure Reboot can Power Midwest’s Economic Recovery

In the News
Chicago Tribune
Multiple Experts

If Biden and a new Congress deliver a long overdue (and now urgent) infrastructure agenda focused on sustainability, equity and a clean energy future for the United States, it can both reinvigorate the Midwest and support national economic growth.

Dayton, Ohio in the summer
Hans Jurgen
Global Cities


The Right to the Shoreline: Race, Exclusion, and Public Beaches in Metropolitan Chicago

Working Paper by Multiple Authors

The growing role of federal and state money in combatting erosion and flooding at Chicago’s Lake Michigan shore offers an opportunity to mandate local governments make their beaches more open and equitable.

People play in the water at a public beach at Chicago's South Shore Cultural Center
Eric Allix Rogers
Global Cities

A Global Welcome: Metro Chicago's Approach to Immigrant Inclusion

Report by Multiple Authors

Chicago is positioned to elevate itself as a bold city, capable of taking on cutting-edge policies and providing accessible opportunities for all residents.

A young woman in Delaware holds a sign saying, "No human being is illegal"
Immigration and Migration