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Past Events

The Post-COVID City

Pritzker Forum on Global Cities

The CEO of United Airlines, the President of Microsoft, the Governor of Tokyo, and other civic and industry leaders from around the world discuss the resilience of cities and how they may revive their social and economic vitality.

Pursuing Equity

Pritzker Forum on Global Cities

Dr. Anthony Fauci and leading city experts explored how to build fairer, healthier cities now and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Commentary & Analysis

Regional Inequality Looms as Pressing Threat to Democracy

In the News
National Interest

A group of experts, including the Council's John Austin, Brian Hanson, and Alex Hitch explain why now is the time to rise to a new political, economic, and social challenge rooted in growing regional inequalities.

President Biden speaks with Midwest Leaders
The White House
Global Cities

Exposed: US Supply Chain Vulnerabilities Grew During the Pandemic Era

In the News
The National Interest
John Austin

President Biden has options to address this national security concern, the Council's John Austin argues.

Biden at a supply chain meeting
Global Economy, Trade and Business


Serving the Citizens—Not the Bureaucracy

Report by Sascha Haselmayer

New America's Sascha Haselmayer presents a strategic vision for city procurement.

City planners look at a document
Global Cities

Are Urbanites Willing to Ditch Cars for More Sustainable Commutes?

Working Paper by Coauthors

A recent poll from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and The Harris Poll shows urban and suburban residents cities are looking to sustainable mobility to forestall a potential long-term shift to solo driving.

A person on a bike rides by a bus in the city.
Global Cities


John Austin 

Nonresident Senior Fellow, Global Midwest
Council expert John Austin

Flavia Carbonari 

Nonresident Fellow, Global Cities
Council expert Flavia Carbonari
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