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Vouchers and Housing Policy

Report by ​Rudolph G. Penner

A paper from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs by Rudolph G. Penner that honors the work of Michael H. Moskow in the global economy.

Pittsburgh skyline.
David Hilowitz/Flickr
Global Economy, Trade and Business

Girls Leading: From Rural Economies to Global Solutions

Report by Catherine Bertini

This report is a collection of perspectives from 20 authors that highlights the needs of rural girls and solutions to the challenges they face.

A young girl in school in Islamabad, Pakistan.
Caren Firouz/Reuters
Women and Girls

From Scarcity to Security: Managing Water for a Nutritious Food Future

Report by Mark W. Rosegrant

This report examines the urgent challenges created by water scarcity and the impact on food security.

From Scarcity to Security: Managing Water for a Nutritious Food Future
Food and Agriculture

As China Rises, Americans Seek Closer Ties with Japan

Report by Multiple Authors

While the American public is hesitant to get involved in a conflict between China and Japan, Americans across party lines want to build strong relations with US allies in Asia.

Flags outside of NATO Headquarters
Public Opinion

Women and Global Development Forum Roundtable on Diversity, Inclusion, and Culture

Report by Katelyn Jones

Recognizing the critical importance of addressing D&I across sectors, a group of leaders gathered in a roundtable at the Council’s 2018 Global Health and Development Symposium.

Two women having a discussion on-stage during the International Women's Day: Tech Trailblazers For Social Good event.
Inclusion and Equity

Invited to the Party: International Organizations Evolve in an Urban World

Report by Ian Klaus

While dozens of international organizations were created to give structure and order to international relations, rapid urbanization and the rising influence of cities have raised new questions around their mandates and structures.

View of buildings on the Chicago River.
Global Cities

The Chicago Climate Charter: North American Cities Taking Action on Climate


It is in the hands of mayors, working with their residents and local leaders, to drive concrete solutions to climate change.

The group presenting the Chicago Climate Charter.
Patrick L. Pyszka
Climate and the Environment

Building Urban Futures: City Carbon Actions Anchored in Building Codes and Standards

Report by Karen Weigert

An estimated 100 billion square meters of new construction is expected in countries without mandatory building energy codes. A consistent set of principles can frame the work needed to shape thriving, low-carbon cities.

People walking in blurred motion through the Financial District of Paris, France.
Global Cities

Youth for Growth: Transforming Economies through Agriculture

Report by Felix Kwame Yeboah

The US and global community must promote youth-inclusive agricultural transformation, or they risk seeing strategic partners weakened by rapid population growth and threatened by the instability this generates.

A young woman from the Erbore tribe in Ethiopia carries grasses.
Food and Agriculture

East Asia’s Rising Geoeconomics and the Strategy for Japan

Report by Saori N. Katada

Amidst economic uncertainty, Japan must create a robust regional order that supports continued prosperity regardless of the US administration or China’s geopolitical ambitions.

Akihabara Electric Town, Tokyo, Japan.
Global Economy, Trade and Business