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Council Experts Offer President Biden Foreign Policy Advice

Global Insight by The Council

From the COVID-19 vaccine to US foreign policy, our experts share their recommendations for the new administration. 

Field of flags on President Biden's inauguration day
US Foreign Policy

Chicago: Embracing Refugees for the Good of All

Global Insight by Suzanne Akhras Sahloul

Suzanne Akhras Sahloul discusses the positive impact of refugees and immigrants on communities in Chicago.

A family of 2 parents and 4 children of various ages sit on a couch
Immigration and Migration

How to Rethink an Equitable Post-Pandemic City

Global Insight by Rachel Abrams

Cities can use public spaces as a way to address structural challenges.

Several roads cross in San diego
Abraham Barrera
Global Cities

Deep Dish Podcast Explains What to Watch for in 2021

Global Insight by Brian Hanson

Many of the challenges the world faced in 2020 will continue to shape our world next year.

Washington Monument at sunrise
Ji Pak

Grandstanding in the Situation Room

Global Insight by David Scheffer

The White House Situation Room has entertained grandstanding that betrays the seriousness of the “Sit Room” and its national security function.

The White House, Washington, DC
David Everett Strickler
Defense and Security

Did the UNSG Say “Revolution”?

Global Insight by Ian Klaus

This blog is about the role global cities play around the world and the urgent need to adapt governance practices.

Signs for ambassadors at seats in the United Nations
Davi Mendes
Global Economy, Trade and Business

Five Deep Dish Episodes to Explain the World Right Now

Global Insight by Brian Hanson

Deep Dish host Brian Hanson shares five recent episodes that help explain what’s happening in our world today and why these issues are so important.

Blurred motion of a street in New York City at night
Davide Cantelli
US Foreign Policy

When is a Crisis a “Crisis” and Why Does It Matter?

Global Insight by Olivia Shinners

One of the defining features of 2020 has been the declaration of seemly one crisis after another, but why are some events declared crisis and why are others not?

Mexican immigrants walk across a bridge at the US border after being deported during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Defense and Security

Post-Pandemic Travel and Tourism: How Has Travel Shaped Your Worldview?

Global Insight by Madeleine Nicholson

With countries locking down and opening up and locking down again, it has become especially hard to anticipate if and how we can move—now and in the future.

View of a sunset from an airplane window.
Eva Darron

Alliance of Democracies - from America First to American Led

Global Insight by Paul Poast

Can an administration that up to this point has been belligerent towards traditional US democratic allies and has rejected many forms of multilateralism be able to turn the page and shift from "America First" to "American Led"?

An American flag waving in wind, across a hazy sky
James Balensiefen
US Foreign Policy