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Past Events

World Review: Myanmar in Crisis, Gaza Cease-Fire, Blinken-Lavrov

World Review

Nirmal Ghosh, Elise Labott, and Gideon Rachman join Ivo Daalder to discuss the week's top news stories.

Protesters in Myanmar

Partner Event: America, Australia, and Nuclear Proliferation in the Indo-Pacific


A panel of US and Australian experts considers what America's weakening alliances and the unraveling of the nuclear non-proliferation regime could mean for the Indo-Pacific region.

A mock Scud-B missile and other mock South Korean missiles are displayed at the War Memorial of Korea in Seoul

Commentary & Analysis

Shocks, Shortages, and Solutions in the Green Energy Era

Deep Dish Podcast

In the last few months, Europe's natural gas prices tripled, the United States' gasoline prices hit a seven year high, and energy shortages in China and India caused blackouts and factory shutdowns. Can the world actually move away from fossil fuels?

Wind energy in the US

India: The Quad’s Weakest Link

In the News
The Diplomat
Chet Lee

"An honest evaluation of the Quad militarily will highlight the fact that India is hampering its overall effectiveness," writes US Navy Federal Executive Fellow Chet Lee in the Diplomat.

Indian flag and three soldiers on a parapet.
Defense and Security


US, Japan, and South Korea Coordination Key to Competing in Southeast Asia

Report by Coauthors

In picking fronts that offer the paths of least resistance, trilateral cooperation will maximize the presence of all three countries in ASEAN, maintaining balance in the region and making collective progress toward economic and development goals.

Ships from the United States and Jpa
US Navy
Defense and Security

Cooperating, Competing, Confronting: US-Japan-South Korea Trilateral Cooperation as China Rises

Report by Coauthors

A report from the Task Force on Trilateral Cooperation Amid China’s Rise recommends a new policy mix that leverages each country’s individual strengths and advantages.

ships in the south china sea
US Foreign Policy