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Upcoming Events

China and the Digital Yuan: What's at Stake?

Global Economy Series

A panel of experts discusses the digital yuan’s economic and security implications for China and the ripple effects it may have across the global economy.


The End of the Cold War and the World It Created

Century of Global Leadership

Anne Applebaum, Jim Baker, Susan Glasser, Fareed Zakaria, Robert Zoellick, and the Council’s Ivo Daalder reflect on the decisions American policymakers made at the end of the Cold War as they guided the country through a period of risk and opportunity.


Past Events

Bridging the Political Divide on Climate


Ahead of the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference, COP26, climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe argues that we need to find shared values in order to achieve collective action on climate change.

A 120m sand artwork by Sand in Your Eye is seen at New Brighton Beach on the Wirral peninsular aims in New Brighton, Britain

World Review: Lebanon, Middle East Optimism, and Powell's Legacy

World Review

Kim Ghattas, Gideon Rachman, and Carla Anne Robbins join Ivo Daalder to discuss the week's top news stories.

Lebanon protests

Commentary & Analysis

Don’t Ignore the War in Ethiopia

In the News
Chicago Tribune
Elizabeth Shackelford

War in Tigray is escalating fast. “We have effective nonmilitary leverage and options in our toolbox and should use them,” writes Elizabeth Shackelford in the Chicago Tribune.

Aerial view of smoke billows from the capital of Tigray.
US Foreign Policy

How the Data Revolution Will Help Fight Climate Change

In the News
Foreign Policy
Robert Muggah

“We can use Big Data to understand and communicate the planetary crisis while simultaneously measuring progress,” Nonresident Senior Fellow Robert Muggah writes in Foreign Policy.

Surveillance cameras in a city in front of a blue sky and tall building.
Climate and the Environment


Renewing International Extension to Equip Farmers for a Changing Climate

Report by Gloria Dabek

The climate crisis necessitates a new extension agenda that prioritizes farmer needs and preferences and promotes climate resilience and adaptation. US policy should reflect this new extension agenda to ensure farmers have the tools to succeed in providing for themselves, and ultimately, feeding the world.

A farmer examines his crops in the field.
Climate and the Environment

Reclaiming the Right to the City

Report by Coauthors

In this report edited by Ian Klaus and Samuel Kling, a diverse set of experts examine the question of rights in, and to, the city in a wide and exciting array of geographies and contexts.

People in Brooklyn Bridge Park, with the sunset in the background
Franck Michel
Global Cities


Paul Poast 

Nonresident Fellow, Foreign Policy and Public Opinion
Council expert Paul Poast