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Upcoming Events

President Biden's Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy


An expert panel assesses how the United States can work with allies in the Indo-Pacific to realize the Biden Administration’s vision in the region.

Antony Blinken delivers remarks on the Biden administration's Indo-Pacific strategy

Past Events

Taiwan and the Biden Administration


As China and the United States enter an era of competition, an expert panel assessed the future of US policy toward Taiwan and its subsequent effect on US-China relations.

A demonstrator holds US and Taiwan flags

China's Rise and Reach: The Belt and Road City

China's Changing Landscape

This workshop, part of the Great Powers and Urbanization Project, examines how Belt and Road cities are likely to shape patterns of globalization in the 21st century.

View of the New York City skyline with a blue sky
Dimitry Anikin

Commentary & Analysis

Breaking the Diplomatic Deadlock with North Korea

In the News
War on the Rocks
Matthew Abbott

How can the Biden administration renew meaningful diplomacy with North Korea despite missile tests? Matthew Abbott makes recommendations in War on the Rocks.

Spectators watch news video footage of missile test in Korea.
Defense and Security

Year in Review: 2021 in Public Opinion

Running Numbers by Coauthors

It's been a busy 2021. Recap the year with the survey team's analyses of public opinion on the most critical issues at home and around the world.

Fireworks over the white house on inauguration 2021.
Chuck Kennedy
Public Opinion


Republicans and Democrats Split on China Policy

Public Opinion Survey by Coauthors

Chicago Council Survey data reveals growing concern across party lines about China's economic and military power.

President Biden and Xi Jinping shaking hands in front of flags in 2013.
Lintao Zhang
Public Opinion

Americans Remain Committed to South Korea, View North Korea as an Adversary

Public Opinion Survey by Karl Friedhoff

2021 Chicago Council Survey data show that a majority of Americans hold favorable views of South Korea and would support defending the country from a North Korean attack.

North Korean missile test from September 2021.
Public Opinion