Media outlets across the globe regularly turn to experts at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs for analysis and commentary on global security topics. The Council’s report, Preserving Ukraine’s Independence, Resisting Russian Aggression: What the United States and NATO Must Do, produced in collaboration with the Atlantic Council and the Brookings Institution, was named the #1 “Best Policy Study-Report” by a US Think Tank, and #3 worldwide in 2015. Released in advance of the 2015 Munich Security Conference, where idea of providing defensive weapons to Ukraine was hotly debated, the report shifted the discussion on Ukraine. The report garnered more than 400 media mentions, including a New York Times front-page story and masthead editorial.
At the height the Iran nuclear deal debates, our experts wrote about the framework of the deal and whether the rise of ISIS would distract the White House from internal political developments in Iran. We also hosted a private roundtable discussion with US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, the nuclear physicist who was a key player at the negotiating table. Following the tragic November terrorist attacks in Paris, Council experts wrote about NATO’s response options, our survey data on American concerns about terrorism, and why an open-door policy for Syrian refugees is in America’s best interest. The Council is currently coordinating with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace on a task force on Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia to develop a new strategy for the next President towards this increasingly unstable part of the world.


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