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Commentary & Analysis

Myanmar's Democratic Transition is Failing. What Now?

Deep Dish Podcast

Last week the Burmese military took control of the country, ousting democratically-elected leaders. Christina Fink and Debra Eisenman join host Brian Hanson on Deep Dish to discuss.

Protestors take to the streets in Yangon to protest a military coup.
Global Politics

The Chain Reaction of Climate Change and Invasive Species Spread: Impacts, Realities, and Sustainable Solutions

Global Food for Thought by Sara Hendery

The extreme climatic events that are brought on by climate change, such as floods and droughts, open new entry points for the spread of invasive species.

Tuta absoluta, a pest mainly of tomato crops
Patrick Clement
Food and Agriculture


Youth for Growth: Transforming Economies through Agriculture

Report by Felix Kwame Yeboah

The US and global community must promote youth-inclusive agricultural transformation, or they risk seeing strategic partners weakened by rapid population growth and threatened by the instability this generates.

A young woman from the Erbore tribe in Ethiopia carries grasses.
Food and Agriculture

Agricultural Innovation: The United States in a Changing Global Reality

Report by Multiple Authors

This report examines implications of increasingly influential roles of global business, agricultural research, and the limited national research capacity of developing countries.

A man stands in a field of grazing cattle on a cell phone.
Food and Agriculture