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Past Events

Liberty and Justice in a Surveillance State


The Economist’s Jon Fasman previews his new book, “We See it All,” in an exclusive conversation with Council members on the legal, political, and moral implications on the rise of surveillance state powers in the US and across the world.

A man wearing a face mask walks past surveillance cameras following the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Shanghai, China

Debate the Future of Data as Currency

Cocktails and Conversation

YP members are invited to participate in a live debate on the future of personal data as currency. Attendees will work together with fellow YPs to create a persuasive argument for their assigned position.

Commentary & Analysis

Rural America Needs Internet Access

In the News
The Hill
Dan Glickman

Dan Glickman discusses the need for internet access in rural America.

Science, Technology and Innovation

SolarWinds Breach: Senate Hearings Begin While Americans Support Retaliatory Actions

Running Numbers by Brendan Helm

New Chicago Council public opinion data shows majorities of Americans across both parties support imposing additional sanctions against Russia.

Defense and Security


SolarWinds Hack: Americans Prefer Sanctions over Retaliatory Cyberattack against Russia

Public Opinion Survey by Coauthors

Dina Smeltz and Brendan Helm analyze new public opinion data showing there is partisan agreement on how best to respond to the recent Russian hack.

Computer hardware
Michael Dziedzic
Public Opinion

Unlocking the Potential of Civic Technology

Working Paper by Kris Hartley

Safeguarding methods of democratic influence is a core strategic mandate for city governments to legitimize technology.

Google-engineered humanoid robot.
Global Cities