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Science, Technology and Innovation

SolarWinds Hack: Americans Prefer Sanctions over Retaliatory Cyberattack against Russia

Public Opinion Survey by Coauthors

Dina Smeltz and Brendan Helm analyze new public opinion data showing there is partisan agreement on how best to respond to the recent Russian hack.

Computer hardware
Michael Dziedzic
Public Opinion

Unlocking the Potential of Civic Technology

Working Paper by Kris Hartley

Safeguarding methods of democratic influence is a core strategic mandate for city governments to legitimize technology.

Google-engineered humanoid robot.
Global Cities

Cities Competing for Talent in the Global Economy

Working Paper by Iain Whitaker

To thrive in today's tech and knowledge-driven economy, cities must attract cutting-edge businesses and support startups, yet neither is possible without educated workers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

Blurred image of people walking outside a high rise building
Global Economy, Trade and Business

What are the Risks of AVs in Cities? History Offers Clues

Working Paper by Samuel Kling

The implementation of automated vehicles (AVs) will reshape our cities in ways large and small, but much is unknown to make reliable predictions about AVs’ specific effects on cities.

A busy stretch of highway, Mexico City.
Carl Campbell
Global Cities

Advancing Global Food Security: The Power of Science, Trade, and Business

Report by Coauthors

This report urges the US government focus its global food security strategy on science, increasing trade flows for agriculture and food, and incentivizing greater business activity in low-income countries.

A field being tilled with a tractor.
Luke Thornton
Food and Agriculture

Agricultural Innovation: The United States in a Changing Global Reality

Report by Coauthors

This report examines implications of increasingly influential roles of global business, agricultural research, and the limited national research capacity of developing countries.

A man stands in a field of grazing cattle on a cell phone.
Food and Agriculture