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Past Events

Life Lessons from Congress, the Farm, and the Movies, with Dan Glickman


The former US Secretary of Agriculture discusses the principles that shaped his remarkable career and how they could be an antidote to America’s divisive politics.

Book cover with illustration of Dan Glickman
University of Kansas Press

Food Identity and Preserving Cultural Heritage


A panel of chefs and food experts discuss food identity and the intersection of safeguarding cultural heritage and food diversity.

Commentary & Analysis

Policies to Support Nutrition-Sensitive Food Systems

Global Food for Thought by Julia Whiting

Were the recommendations in the Center on Global Food and Agriculture's 2015 nutrition report successful? The Council examines this question in the first part of our 2021 series to find out.

A table set with various foods on a white tablecloth before an archway and a window.
Food and Agriculture

Time for a National Strategy on Food

In the News
The Hill

Ertharin Cousin and Dan Glickman write in the Hill how the US economy, public health, and hunger rates all demand a comprehensive plan on food and nutrition.

View down a grocery aisle from the front of an empty grocery cart.
Food and Agriculture


Renewing International Extension to Equip Farmers for a Changing Climate

Report by Gloria Dabek

The climate crisis necessitates a new extension agenda that prioritizes farmer needs and preferences and promotes climate resilience and adaptation. US policy should reflect this new extension agenda to ensure farmers have the tools to succeed in providing for themselves, and ultimately, feeding the world.

A farmer examines his crops in the field.
Climate and the Environment

Centering Global Food Security for Global Prosperity

Report by Coauthors

Catherine Bertini and Ertharin Cousin are co-leads on a paper offering the Biden Administration recommendations for the US government to build on a strong foundation of food and nutrition security programs to alleviate global hunger and malnutrition.

Vegetables are displayed for sale at a stand at Surquillo market in Lima, Peru.
Food and Agriculture


Sanjeev Asthana 

Nonresident Fellow, Global Food and Agriculture
Council expert Sanjeev Asthana

Doug Bereuter 

Distinguished Fellow, Center on Global Food and Agriculture
Council expert Doug Bereuter