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Protecting the US Political System from Pandemic Threats

Thomas Mann from the Brookings Institution and Norman Ornstein of American Enterprise Institute discussed the long-term effects of the coronavirus pandemic to US politics.
Cécile Shea
Thomas Mann
Norman Ornstein
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About This Event

As workforces around the world transition to a new style of work amidst the pandemic—whether it’s conducting meetings remotely or adding new levels of safety and protection to their labor—the United States government must adapt as well by considering and enacting its own continuity measures. The pandemic poses serious threats to the security of our democracy—from critical Congressional votes to electoral processes. How will the United States’ political system be impacted by the coronavirus pandemic in the long-term and what can we do now to prepare and protect our institutions for a post-pandemic world?

About the Speakers
Nonresident Senior Fellow, Global Security and Diplomacy
Council expert Cécile Shea
Cécile Shea is a nonresident senior fellow on security and diplomacy at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. She is the president of Wakaru Communications and a special advisor to the Council’s Next Generation programs.
Council expert Cécile Shea
Thomas Mann
Senior Fellow, Governance Studies, The Brookings Institution
Emeritus Scholar, American Enterprise Institute
Headshot of Norman Ornstein
Norman J. Ornstein has studied politics, elections, and the US Congress for more than four decades. He created “Vital Statistics on Congress” in 1980, a go-to-reference guide that provides impartial data for congressional watchers, and is updated every two years. He is also a longtime participant of AEI’s Election Watch series and an adviser to the Continuity of Government Commission.
Headshot of Norman Ornstein