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Hope Is Part of the Food Security Solution

Global Food for Thought by Scott MacMillan

Scott MacMillan recalls 2015 World Food Prize winner Fazle Hasan Abed's legacy and its impact on food security.

Sir Fazle Hasan Abed is sitting in a classroom in front of a black board, smiling and looking to the right as he holds a brown cane.
Food and Agriculture

Leveraging City Diplomacy to Drive the Global Agenda

Global Insight by Matt Watson

Cities are embracing their role as international actors, but more resources are needed to fully realize the benefits of their global engagements.

Urban ministers at the G7
Henning Schacht
Global Cities

Black Farmers' Voices: How the Past Influences Food Insecurity Today

Global Food for Thought by Roger Thurow

Discrimination, diminishing number of Black farmers leads to persistence of food insecurity in America.

George Hall bends down to tend to his turnips in Greene County, Alabama.
Anne Thurow
Food and Agriculture

US Concern about COVID-19 Decreasing, but Partisan Divides Persist

Running Numbers by Emily Sullivan

Americans are less worried about COVID-19 than they have been at any point since the initial shutdown in early 2020, Council polling finds.

a person wears a mask on their wrist
Public Opinion

Incorporating Dietary Needs and Cultural Requirements into Food Assistance Programs

Global Food for Thought by Natalie Burdsall

Fundamental issues in food assistance programs exclude the disability community and people requiring culturally relevant foods.

A group of people prepares food for a food assistance program.
Food and Agriculture

Commonwealth Caribbean Wants More than Symbolic Change from British Monarchy

Global Insight by Grace Carrington

Faced with a new, less popular monarch, will a growing movement for republicanism accelerate in the Caribbean 'realms'?

Queen Elizabeth II sits in a chair with people waving Jamaican flags in the foreground.
Global Politics

Reactions to Global Themes in King Charles' Inaugural Speech

Global Insight by Karin Larson

People around the world offer their perspectives on the global themes of King Charles III's first address on the world stage.

King Charles III sits at a table, facing the camera
Global Politics

Can the Monarchy Keep Calm and Carry On?

Running Numbers by Emma Sanderson

The Queen maintained public approval during her reign, but support for the monarchy is on the decline, posing significant challenges for the new King.

A man wearing a protective face mask walks past a window display ahead of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations for Britain's Queen Elizabeth

Remembering Queen Elizabeth's 1959 Chicago Visit

Global Insight by Iain Whitaker

As the world mourns Queen Elizabeth II, the Council looks back on her 1959 Chicago visit and dynamic place in history.

black and white shot of queen elizabeth II at a podium in 1959 in Chicago
Paul Popper via Getty Images
Global Politics

The Hidden Hungry: Men in Poverty

Global Food for Thought by Coauthors

Men often fall outside of gendered stereotypes of food assistance programs, failing to reflect nuanced experiences of hunger in the United States.

A variety of fruit is pictured at a grocery store.
Jakub Kapusnak
Food and Agriculture