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Global Public Opinion as COVID-19 Vaccine Offers Hope

Running Numbers by Multiple Authors

A global survey shows the public perceives COVID-19 as the world's greatest health threat and nearly two-thirds of respondents believe the vaccine should be compulsory.

a medical professional prepares a vaccine syringe
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Public Opinion

Real Estate Weighs on Moon's Approval Rate

Running Numbers by Multiple Authors

Karl Friedhoff examines South Korea's President Moon Jae-in's administration and the real estate issues, including high rental costs in Seoul, that have led to a high disapproval rating.

President Moon Jae-in speaks during a press conference.
Jeon Han
Global Economy, Trade and Business

Farmers Facing a New Kind of Crisis: How COVID-19 Has Broken Agricultural Value Chains

Global Food for Thought by Nupur Parikh

The pandemic's impact on agriculture will be significant and long-lasting.

a farmer farms using tools in Indonesia
Defika Hendri
Food and Agriculture

The Polarization of Absentee Ballots

Running Numbers by Giulia Shaughnessy

Over half of Americans are in favor of permanently changing laws to allow everyone to vote by mail, but there are partisan divides between Republicans and Democrats.

absentee ballot from the United States
Tiffany Teripes
Global Politics

The Arab World Reacts to The Abraham Accords

Running Numbers by Renee Perper

The Abraham Accords didn't provoke a reaction among many Arab states. Why?

Israeli flag with landscape in the background
Cole Keister
Defense and Security

American Ag is Under Attack, We Aim to Protect it

Global Food for Thought by Multiple Authors

The Agricultural Intelligence Measures Act, or AIM Act, would protect our agriculture system by creating an intelligence office within the Department of Agriculture.

A scientist preps radish seeds in a lab
NASA/Glenn Benson
Food and Agriculture

Grandstanding in the Situation Room

Global Insight by David Scheffer

The White House Situation Room has entertained grandstanding that betrays the seriousness of the “Sit Room” and its national security function.

The White House, Washington, DC
David Everett Strickler
Defense and Security

Envisioning the Future of Food in Times of Change

Global Food for Thought by Todd Post

Todd Post from Bread for the World provides guest commentary to explain the future of food in times of change.

Children sit and eat outside in La Paz, Bolivia.
Food and Agriculture

Growing Cities, Changing Diets

Global Food for Thought by Alesha Black

Water flows between farms and cities and changes form as each person uses and reuses it.

An aqueduct in Blythe, California with reflection of the sky in the water.
Steve Rotman

Finding an Alternative to Fishmeal for Sustainable Aquaculture in Zambia

Global Food for Thought by Multiple Authors

Replacement of fisheries-derived fishmeal with yeast-derived proteins, or single-cell proteins, could support the sustainable growth of aquaculture globally.

Aquaculture cages in Jitra, Malaysia
Food and Agriculture