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Policy Brief

The Fate of the World Trade Organization in the Age of Trump

Policy Brief by Coauthors

There are several reasons to hope, but more reasons for concern now that the World Trade Organization is teetering due to the Trump administration’s multiple attacks.

A flag with the letters WTO OMC waves in front of the World Trade Organization headquarters.
Global Economy, Trade and Business

Toward City Diplomacy: Assessing Capacity in Select Global Cities

Policy Brief by Coauthors

Cities are now more connected than ever before on a global scale. Yet local governments are not just spectators of this networked age: they are actively forging links across borders, taking part in setting the international agenda, and shifting the landscape of urban politics from local to increasingly global.

view of NYC Times Square from above
Global Politics

Japan, the Indo-Pacific, and the "Quad"

Policy Brief by Emma Chanlett-Avery

This brief analyzes the 2017 ASEAN summit where four of the region's major maritime democracies discussed the revival of quadrilateral cooperation for a free and open Indo-Pacific.

President Moon Jae-In, President Trump, and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
Global Politics

China's Maritime Challenge in the South China Sea: Options for US Responses

Policy Brief by Weston S. Konishi

China's growth in naval power is proceeding at a remarkable rate and foreshadows a change in the regional maritime balance of power. The US will move from being the preeminent naval power in the region to one that China challenges over time.

USA and China flags.
CDC Global
Defense and Security

Heartland Hospitality: Serving the Needs of the Midwest Economy through Immigration

Policy Brief by Sara McElmurry

In order for the Midwest's hospitality industry to truly thrive, reform for the immigration system is imperative.

A barista pours coffee from a silver pitcher into a cup
Louis Hansel
Immigration and Migration

American Opinion on US-Russia Relations: From Bad to Worse

Policy Brief by Coauthors

New Chicago Council Survey results show a majority of Americans support maintaining or increasing sanctions against Russia and views the nation as a greater threat than in previous years.

Aerial view of the Dormition Cathedral in Moscow, Russia
Pedro Szekely
Public Opinion

Growing Markets, Growing Incomes: Leveraging Trade Facilitation for Farmers

Policy Brief by Andrea Durkin

Andrea Durkin outlines recommended actions related to a Council report calling for a new US program to promote trade facilitation in food.

Aerial view of a truck harvesting a crop on a farm
Food and Agriculture

Guiding Principles for a Sustainable US Policy Toward Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia

Policy Brief by Coauthors

A joint task force outlines some key principles and judgments in managing the United States' relationships with Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia.

Exterior view of the Kremlin at night time
Alex Zarubi
Defense and Security

Urban Resiliency and Chronic Violence

Policy Brief by Harley Jones

This report looks at chronic violence and community resilience in the US and around the world and makes policy recommendations for addressing chronic violence in urban areas.

Chicago skyline at night
Ozzie Stern
Global Health

When Hunger Strikes: How Food Security Abroad Matters for National Security at Home

Policy Brief by Cullen S. Hendrix

Efforts geared toward smallholder farmers have become more efficient and effective over the past several decades in helping to bringing millions out of poverty, enhancing food and nutrition security, and growing economies around the globe.

A shop inside Mercado de La Boqueria, in Barcelona with produce stands
Food and Agriculture