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The Right to the Shoreline: Race, Exclusion, and Public Beaches in Metropolitan Chicago

Working Paper by Multiple Authors

The growing role of federal and state money in combatting erosion and flooding at Chicago’s Lake Michigan shore offers an opportunity to mandate local governments make their beaches more open and equitable.

People play in the water at a public beach at Chicago's South Shore Cultural Center
Eric Allix Rogers
Global Cities

2020 Chicago Council Survey

Public Opinion Survey by Multiple Authors

Democrats and Republicans are divided in their views on top threats to United States and how the country should address global challenges and engage internationally. 

An image of the White House seen at night.
Public Opinion

A Global Welcome: Metro Chicago's Approach to Immigrant Inclusion

Report by Multiple Authors

Chicago is positioned to elevate itself as a bold city, capable of taking on cutting-edge policies and providing accessible opportunities for all residents.

A young woman in Delaware holds a sign saying, "No human being is illegal"
Immigration and Migration

2019 Public Attitudes on US Intelligence

Public Opinion Survey by Multiple Authors

A 2019 survey confirmed broad support of US intelligence agencies, despite limited transparency and persistent criticism from President Donald Trump.

The entrance to the CIA New Headquarters Building (NHB) of the George Bush Center for Intelligence.
Central Intelligence Agency
Defense and Security

New Solutions for a Changing Climate

Policy Brief by Molly Jahn

The government must recognize investment opportunities in US agricultural research and development in order to address current and future climate challenges.

A female farmer plants transplants at a farm in Pennsylvania
Zoe Schaeffer
Food and Agriculture

From an Urban-Suburban-Rural "Divide" to Convergence?

Public Opinion Survey by Multiple Authors

There is general agreement across those in urban, suburban, and rural communities on the topics of the economy and climate change, but there's a difference of opinion on immigration.

An aerial view of a rural farm community
John Reed
Public Opinion

Troop Withdrawal Likely to Undermine South Korean Public Support for Alliance with United States

Public Opinion Survey by Karl Friedhoff

New polling reveals that little has changed in terms of South Korean attitudes towards the US-South Korea military alliance.

Sailors wave to children while marching in the annual Jinhae Gunhangje military port festival parade in South Korea, April 5, 2019.
US Navy
Public Opinion

Conflict-Related Sexual Assault—Historic Barriers to International Recognition

Working Paper by Nicole Mattea

This working paper further explains the recent emergence of conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV) into international discourse and preventative strategies.

A woman in a stands outside the Women's Centre in Balukhali camp March 6, 2018.
UN Women/Allison Joyce
Women and Girls

Majority of Iranians Oppose Development of Nuclear Weapons

Public Opinion Survey by Dina Smeltz

Nationwide surveys conducted by IranPoll show that although Iranians say their country should not develop nuclear weapons, they have lost confidence in the nuclear agreement.

Flag of Iran.
David Sandoz/Flickr
Defense and Security

Vroom or Bust? Towards a Chicago E-Scooter Strategy in 2020 and Beyond

Working Paper by Samuel Kling

A review of national and international e-scooter and micromobility trends outlines Chicago's 2019 pilot program and makes policy recommendations to improve sustainability, mobility, and equitable access.

Man riding an e-scooter.
Erin Riddle/Flickr
Global Cities