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Upcoming Events

Inclusive Economies in an Age of Recession

Women, Equity, and Global Development Forum

Experts consider whether overlapping global crises, inflation, and slowing growth will bolster or derail efforts to build more inclusive economies.

board game letters lined up to say "inflation" on top of a US dollar bill with red shadows.

Past Events

The Right to the Shoreline


Sam Kling, Cynthia Weiss, and Sonja Henderson discuss the Right to the Shoreline and the art it inspires, cohosted with the Chicago Public Art Group.

A Chicago Public Art Group piece.
Chicago Public Art Group

Global Voices, Local Action: Arts & Culture


The Council partners with the Metropolitan Planning Council and the City of Chicago to discuss the We Will Chicago Plan with city leaders from London and Chicago.

A subway car rides along the tracks towards The Trump International Hotel and Tower in downtown Chicago, Illinois.

Commentary & Analysis

Chicago’s First Citywide Plan in Half a Century Seeks to Address Structural Inequality

In the News
Natalie Moore

"The city of Chicago is releasing a new citywide plan to shape the future with an emphasis on equity," writes Longworth Media Fellow Natalie Moore.

train line labels on a staircase; unsplash
Global Cities

The State of Abortion and Reproductive Rights Around the World

Deep Dish on Global Affairs Podcast

Experts Bela Ganatra and Katherine Mayall discuss how global trends have influenced reproductive rights in the United States.

Woman protesting for reproductive rights
Women and Girls


Women in National Security and International Humanitarian Law Compliance

Report by Emily Sullivan

Emily Sullivan examines the potential impact of women’s increased participation and decision-making in militaries and national security in Interdisciplinary Political Studies.

A woman in uniform faces away from camera and salutes in front of a blue sky.
The National Guard
Defense and Security

Serving the Citizens—Not the Bureaucracy

Report by Sascha Haselmayer

New America's Sascha Haselmayer presents a strategic vision for city procurement.

City planners look at a document
Global Cities