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Upcoming Events

Solving Local Problems to Maintain US Global Leadership


The Council’s Emerging Leaders class of 2021 presents a series of short, dynamic presentations on an array of critical current issues.

Composite photo of Emerging Leaders Class of 2021 Headshots

Building Better Black Futures


In honor of Juneteenth, activists Alicia Garza and Liz Dozier discuss how empowering Black communities through civic and policy engagement is essential to addressing inequalities and systemic racism.

A mural is displayed on Litehouse Whole Food Grill on Dodge Avenue in the Fifth Ward, known as the historic Black community, in Evanston, Illinois

Past Events

Equalizing Global Access to COVID-19 Vaccines


Gavi CEO Dr. Seth Berkley, UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore, and Africa’s CDC Director Dr. John Nkengasong discuss global vaccine efforts with Council Distinguished Fellow Ertharin Cousin.

A nurse displays the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine under the COVAX scheme against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at the Eka Kotebe General Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Rethinking Capitalism: A Moonshot for Economic Recovery

Women, Equity, and Global Development Forum

Professor Mariana Mazzucato explains why her vision of economics — moving beyond profit to promote inclusion, equity, and sustainability — can fix the world’s most pressing issues.

People watch as a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, topped with the Crew Dragon capsule, is launched carrying four astronauts on the first operational NASA commercial crew mission at Kennedy Space Center

Commentary & Analysis

Irina Konstantinovsky on Pay Equity

Video Series
Wait Just a Minute

Irina Konstantinovsky, executive vice president and chief human resources and diversity officer at Horizon Therapeutics, takes a minute to define pay equity.

Irina Konstantinovsky explains pay equity
Inclusion and Equity

COVID-19 Threatens Global Progress on Gender Equality 

Deep Dish Podcast

Jamille Bigio joins Brian Hanson to explain why gender equality is critical to economic prosperity and global security.

two women prepare food in mexico wearing masks
Inclusion and Equity


Republican Views on Racial Inequality Starkly Contrast Those of Democrats

Public Opinion Survey by Dina Smeltz

A large majority of Democrats (73%) consider racial inequality in the United States a critical threat to the country, while Republicans consider it a relatively low-level threat.

Protest signs outside of the White House
Public Opinion

Bridging the Research Gap: A Toolkit on Inclusive Research and Development Practices

Working Paper by Katelyn Jones

This toolkit presents a list of steps that ensure the entire research and development process uses equity, diversity, and inclusion as guiding principles at every stage.

A woman in all black stands next to servers, behind glass, holding a laptop computer
Global Politics