Global cities increasingly shape our world – not only the global economy but its ideas, culture, and policies. On the front lines of the world’s greatest challenges, cities are driving the most innovative solutions. Their influence transcends national borders.

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs is a leading center for studying the influence of cities in solving global challenges and shaping the world’s future. With over a decade of research and programming on global cities, the Council examines the policies needed to be successful, identifies global best practices, connects leaders, and provides concrete recommendations to decision-makers.

Research and Digital Interactives

The Council publishes original research and produces digital interactives on topics such as the foreign policy of cities, the role of cities in global governance, inclusive societies, climate change and the environment, security and safety, migrant integration, and economic competitiveness.

Experts and Fellows

Resident and nonresident fellows contribute to the Council’s expertise by authoring blogs and commentaries, peer reviewing reports, developing podcasts and interactives, and presenting Council research on critical platforms.

Pritzker Forum on Global Cities

Hosted in partnership with the Financial Times, this three-day international conference brings together leaders in business, civics, education, and the arts for a cross-sector dialogue on the influential role cities play in solving critical global challenges.

Year-Round Programming

The Council regularly hosts speakers, workshops, public programs, and private dinners to inform audiences of pressing issues affecting cities and to share the findings of Council research.

The Council's global cities work is made possible by:



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