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Voting Rights, Access, and Integrity

This members-only conversation examines the 2020 election and how to ensure everyone is empowered to vote.
People vote during the 2020 primary in Louisville, Kentucky
Carolyn DeWitt
Tiana Epps-Johnson
Myrna Pérez
Jenny Cizner
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About This Event

2020 has presented countless election challenges across the US, from lengthy lines to allegations of voter fraud and suppression. The pandemic has further complicated this issue, placing renewed public attention on access, inclusion, and increased barriers facing marginalized groups. How can the election process be modernized to be more inclusive and secure? And how will the expected demographic shift in voters shape our democracy? Members of the Council are invited to an exclusive conversation with our featured speakers as they discuss what’s at stake for the 2020 election, and how to ensure everyone is empowered to get to the polls.

About the Speakers
Carolyn DeWitt
President and Executive Director, Rock the Vote
Carolyn DeWitt is the president and executive director of Rock the Vote.
Tiana Epps-Johnson
Founder and Executive Director, Center for Tech and Civic Life
Tiana Epps-Johnson is founder and executive director with the Center for Tech and Civic Life.
Myrna Pérez
Director, Voting Rights and Elections Program, Brennan Center for Justice
Myrna Pérez is director of the Brennan Center's Voting Rights and Elections Program, and leads the program's research, advocacy, and litigation work nationwide.
Chief Operating Officer
Council staff Jenny Cizner
Jenny Cizner joined the Chicago Council on Global Affairs as its first chief operating officer in 2015.
Council staff Jenny Cizner