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Global Public Opinion Shows Mixed Willingness to Take Vaccine

Running Numbers by Multiple Authors

Brendan Helm, Craig Kafura, and Karl Friedhoff analyze views on COVID vaccinations, finding Americans are divided on whether to be vaccinated despite increasing availability.

vaccine syringe and bottle
Markus Spiske
Public Opinion

What Americans Make of the January 6 Chaos at the Capitol

Running Numbers by Craig Kafura

Polls show an American public deeply divided along partisan lines in their interpretation of the events, who is to blame, and what should be done as a result. 

Pro-Trump rally prior to insurrection at US Capitol
American Democracy

Paul Farmer on Ebola’s Lessons for COVID-19

Deep Dish Podcast

The Partners in Health co-founder explains why inequality or material constraints—rather than social differences—are the defining factor of whether outbreaks turn into pandemics.

Sierra Leonean doctors practice wearing protective clothing in the Ebola Training Academy in Freetown

We Need Vaccines to Protect Our Food Crops, Too

Global Food for Thought by Diana Horvath

In the battle between pathogen and host—whether a human or food crop—it’s often a deadly race to see who wins.

Wheat rust
Kansas State University
Food and Agriculture

How a Biden Infrastructure Reboot can Power Midwest’s Economic Recovery

In the News
Chicago Tribune
Multiple Experts

If Biden and a new Congress deliver a long overdue (and now urgent) infrastructure agenda focused on sustainability, equity and a clean energy future for the United States, it can both reinvigorate the Midwest and support national economic growth.

Dayton, Ohio in the summer
Hans Jurgen
Global Cities

How Joe Biden Can Restore America’s Standing Abroad

In the News
The National Interest
Paul Heer

Before the United States can reliably rebuild its international power and influence, it must heal itself by getting COVID under control, reviving economic prosperity, and moving beyond the bitterly divided politics of the Trump presidency.

President Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden at the Washington Monument
Global Politics

The Strategic Implications of the China-EU Investment Deal

In the News
The Diplomat
Theresa Fallon

The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment is a win for China, and a blow to transatlantic relations.

China and Eu flags
Marco Verch
Global Politics

On COVID-19, Foreign Policy Elites are Just as Polarized as the Public

In the News
The Hill
Multiple Experts

New survey results suggest that President-elect Biden will have to work hard to cultivate bipartisan buy-in for efforts to rein in the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.


Wrap-Up of Global Public Opinion on Issues that Defined 2020

Running Numbers by Multiple Authors

Dina Smeltz, Craig Kafura, Karl Friedhoff, Brendan Helm, and Alexander Hitch document the ups and downs of the public mood, sharing highlights of their 2020 research.

People walk around outside in 2020
Kevin Hendersen
Public Opinion

Global Public Opinion Shows Mixed Reaction to Vaccines as Virus Surges

Running Numbers by Multiple Authors

Although the vaccine has brought hope to many people, a new and more transmissible strain discovered in the United Kingdom has caused unease around the world.

A sign in the UK calls for residents to stay home amid a new strain of COVID-19
Matt Smart