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11/5 10:00 a.m. CDT - Deep Dish Live: How the 2020 Election Will Shape US Global Engagement - Learn more and register to participate. 

11/5 5:30 p.m. CDT - YP In-Depth on the Durability of Democracy - Learn more and register to participate. 

11/6 10:00 a.m. CDT -  World Review with Kornelius, Robbins, and Stephens - Learn more and register to participate

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Read: Does the US Nuclear Umbrella Still Protect America’s Allies?

"Can US allies still rely on the United States’ nuclear umbrella to deter an attack?" Council President Ivo Daalder writes in Foreign Policy. "Because the answer is no longer evident, more and more voices in allied capitals have suggested that they may need to rely on other nuclear capabilities to ensure their security—and perhaps even acquire their own."

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Listen: Protests Drive Vote for Chile’s New Constitution

Last Sunday, an overwhelming 78 percent of Chileans voted to replace the country’s existing constitution after a year of large-scale protests driven by social movements and economic inequality. Political scientist Claudia Heiss joins Deep Dish to explain what to watch for during the two-year drafting process and examine whether wide-spread change is possible for Chile.

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2020 US Presidential Election

Before this election season ends on November 3, increase your understanding of what the outcome will mean for US foreign policy and America’s role in the world. Explore our America in 2020 digital content, including videos of expert discussions on China, the Middle East, and US national security; analysis of Democratic and Republican views on US foreign policy, climate change, and racial inequality; and commentary on US alliances and America’s leadership on the global stage.

Deep Dish Live: How the 2020 Election Will Shape US Global Engagement

On November 5, Council President Ivo Daalder and American Enterprise Institute’s (AEI) Kori Schake will share their post-election reactions and offer insights on challenges the next administration will face. Join us for a live episode!

Thursday, November 5, 2020
Event: 10:00 am

Chicago Council on Global Affairs
Via Zoom
Chicago, IL 60601

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Deep Dish Live: How the 2020 Election Will Shape US Global Engagement

Public Opinion

Americans are Still Internationalists at Heart

"Although the Chicago Council survey showed public support for international engagement, Republicans and Democrats were at odds over security priorities," former World Bank president Robert Zoellick writes in the Financial Times. "A future US foreign policy needs to face both new and old threats."

2020 Virtual Global Leadership Awards

Celebrating Leaders in Global Health and Safety

The Council’s annual Global Leadership Awards honor the outstanding achievements of individuals in the realms of international relations, global thought leadership, and philanthropy. This year we will award leaders advancing equity in global health and safety, and celebrate the Council’s commitment to ensuring effective US global engagement to support a more inclusive, equitable, and secure world. 

LIVE STREAM: Europe After Merkel

Ahead of the final presidential debate, join Council public opinion experts for a briefing on 2020 public opinion, polling, and the use of data in foreign policy.

Monday, November 9, 2020
Event: 2:30 pm

Chicago Council on Global Affairs
Via Zoom
Chicago, IL 60601

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LIVE STREAM: Europe After Merkel

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