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Sub-Saharan Africa

Considering a Soil Initiative for Africa

Policy Brief by David Nielson

This paper diagnoses the challenges faced by governments, international organizations and research institutions in mitigating and reversing the decline of soil quality in Africa.

Workers unload a truck of harvested cassava roots.
Food and Agriculture

​​Addressing China's Rising Influence in Africa

Policy Brief by Michael Tiboris

China’s growing contributions to African development should not automatically be feared, but their increased presence should create a recalibration in US approaches to development.

Chinese flag, Beijing, China.
International Development

Grow Markets, Fight Hunger: A Food Security Framework for US-Africa Trade Relations

Policy Brief by Andrea Durkin

Andrea Durkin provides recommendations from a Council report aiming at addressing food security in Africa and US-Africa trade relations.

An aerial view of produce stands at a street market
Food and Agriculture