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Richard C. Longworth

On Global Cities

Book by Richard C. Longworth

This book draws on the latest scholarship into global cities to explore how global cities run the world.

On Global Cities cover image, including recognizable buildings and landmarks from global cities.
Global Cities

Global Chicago

Book by Multiple Authors

Global Chicago offers unique insights into the city's global assets and its economic, social, intellectual, and cultural links to the world as seen from an insider's perspective.

Chicago skyline at dusk
Allen McGregor
Global Cities

Global Chicago: Two Reports on Chicago's Assets and Opportunities as a Global City

Report by Richard C. Longworth

America’s cities are becoming increasingly important actors on the global stage. The idea that cities must reflexively submit to impersonal global forces is giving way to the recognition that civic and community leaders can shape a city’s response to global trends.

Allen McGregor/Flickr
Global Cities