| By Brian Diers, Rita Mumm, Michelle da Fonseca Santos

Guest Commentary- USAID’s Feed the Future Soybean Innovation Lab is Working Across the Value Chain to Enable the Advancement of Soybean Development in Africa

Soybean has been the fastest growing crop for the last 20 years. Despite soybeans having a long history in Africa, soybean yields have increased very little over the last half century, especially when compared to the U.S. and Brazil. Through a number of targeted interventions, the Soybean Innovation Lab at the University of Illinois has been working to change that. 

| By Iain Whitaker

Podium Notes: Startling Stats From the Council’s 2019 Fall Events

In 2019 the Council’s programs covered everything from Brexit and pandemic preparedness, to NATO’s 70th anniversary, India’s elections, and the global race to dominate artificial intelligence. With the holiday season upon us, now is the time to impress friends, family, and colleagues with the global affairs knowledge you have collected over the past year. In case it’s slipped your memory, here’s a handy sample of some of the most startling statistics from our fall programs (and view the full list here).

To view the full clip, click on the numbers! (These figures were stated by guest speakers and have not been verified by the Council)

| By Sushant Singh, Paul Staniland, Brian Hanson

Deep Dish: Which Side Will India Take in US-China Rivalry?

A centerpiece of US strategy during the Trump administration has been the idea of the "Indo-Pacific," a massive single region stretching across both the Pacific and Indian Oceans. One of the goals in this strategy is to link up India with US allies in East Asia as a counterbalance to a rising China.