A Venture Capital Strategy for the Great Lakes

March 9, 2010

By: , Frank E. Samuel, Jr.

On March 9, 2010, The Chicago Council released a Global Midwest Policy Brief titled A Venture Capital Strategy for the Great Lakes. Author of the brief, Frank E. Samuel, Jr. recommends the Great Lakes region convert its research prowess and human capital into the innovative, high value firms it needs, and strengthen the work of the public and nonprofit sectors so they can improve the climate around venture investing.

Samuel previously was science and technology advisor to the governor of Ohio, where he was a principal architect of Ohio’s Third Frontier Project. This Policy Brief is based on his larger report “Turning Up the Heat: How Venture Capital Can Fuel the Economic Transformation of the Great Lakes Region” (The Brookings Institution, 2010).

Global Midwest Policy Briefs frame and analyze pressing issues facing the Midwest in the global era and offer recommendations on how to best move forward. The briefs are concise five-page documents that are released quarterly as part of the Council's Global Midwest Initiative.
A Venture Capital Strategy for the Great Lakes

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