Global Chicago

October 10, 2004

By: Michael H. Moskow, Vice Chair and Distinguished Fellow, Global Economy; Richard C. Longworth, Distinguished Fellow, Global Cities; Adele Simmons, Chicago Council Board Member

Global Chicago was produced by The Chicago Council on Global Affairs in 2004, published by the University of Illinois Press.

Once known for gangsters and meatpacking, Chicago was virtually synonymous with the rough and tumble side of the industrial era. Today, however, Chicago has outgrown even national prominence to become a truly global city--one of the most famous and most important in the world. Global Chicago is the first book to describe Chicago's transformation from industrial powerhouse to global metropolis.

Michael H. Moskow, vice chairman and senior fellow on the global economy at The Chicago Council, Richard C. Longworth, senior fellow at the Chicago Council, and Adele Simmons, Chicago Council Board Member, authored essays featured in the book. Other essays were written by professors from top institutions, veteran journalists, and experts on labor and government. By drawing on the expertise of the city's leading players, Global Chicago offers unique insights into the city's global assets and its economic, social, intellectual, and cultural links to the world as seen from an insider's perspective. 

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