Capturing Chicago's Global Opportunity

September 23, 2010

By: Global Chicago Advisory Committee

After Mayor Daley’s announcement that he will be not be seeking re-election, Chicago’s business and civic leaders concerned with Chicago’s future status as a global city drafted a memorandum for the next administration entitled Capturing Chicago’s Global Opportunity. The memo argues that today’s most successful cities are global cities, and that the next mayor and his or her administration will be judged in part on the success or failure in keeping Chicago in the top tier of global cities. This memorandum has been endorsed by an independent group of twenty-nine civic, academic, and business leaders convened by The Chicago Council on Global Affairs.
The memo offers three broad recommendations to Chicago's future leaders: (1) lead in promoting global engagement; (2) actively support the global engagement initiatives of the business, civic, and academic sectors; and (3) mobilize the actors and assets of Chicago around major opportunities for the city. The report suggests a path forward for how to put these broad recommendations into action to ensure that Chicago continues to thrive in the years to come.
The document was sent one month in advance of Chicago’s mayoral elections to the six mayoral candidates and their policy directors, as well as to current aldermen, key city commissioners, and other municipal and regional leaders. It is the hope of the committee that the ideas and recommendations developed in this memorandum will be useful to municipal leaders throughout this campaign season and will serve as a starting point for future strategic initiatives. 
Capturing Chicago's Global Opportunity

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