Business Leaders on Immigration: The View from the Midwest

February 3, 2014

By: Dina Smeltz, Senior Fellow, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy; Juliana Kerr, Director, Global Cities; Craig Kafura, Assistant Director, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy

A report released by The Chicago Council on Global Affairs shows bipartisan support among Midwestern business leaders to pass immigration reform. The report comes days after President Obama urged Congress to move on reforms in his State of the Union address and the House GOP unveiled their immigration principles.

Seventy-five percent of Republican, 63 percent of Democrat, and 55 percent of Independent Midwest business leaders surveyed favor the Senate bill on comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship combined with stricter border control. While majorities across political lines support the outlines of the Senate bill, there is less support for legislation that would tackle individual issues incrementally.
Business Leaders on Immigration: The View from the Midwest

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