Chicago Council on Global Affairs Expands Roster of Experts on Global Agriculture

September 29, 2015
The Chicago Council on Global Affairs is pleased to welcome six new non-resident fellows as part of our expanding network of affiliated experts conducting timely research on topics central to our mission. These non-resident fellows will enhance the Council’s overall expertise and reach into new areas of intellectual inquiry and policy leadership:
Andrea Durkin, principal and founder of Sparkplug, a consulting firm focused on the intersection of business, development and public policy. Ms. Durkin has expertise in international trade and regulatory policy, global health, food security and corporate social responsibility strategy.
Dr. Craig Gundersen, Soybean Industry Endowed Professor in Agricultural Strategy in the department of agricultural and consumer economics at the University of Illinois and executive director of the National Soybean Research Laboratory. Dr. Gundersen’s expertise is primarily focused on the causes and consequences of food insecurity and on evaluations of food assistance programs.
Dr. Charles E. Hanrahan, former senior specialist in agricultural policy at the Congressional Research Service and independent consultant on international agricultural issues. Dr. Hanrahan has extensive knowledge of legislation relating to international agricultural issues and is well-versed in economic and agricultural development.
Dr. Hope Michelson, assistant professor of agriculture and consumer economics at the University of Illinois. Dr. Michelson is an expert in agribusiness and emerging markets, agrifood supply chain transformation, food security, small-scale farmers’ engagement in supply chains and development economics.
Dr. Tom Reardon, professor of agricultural, food and resource economics at Michigan State University. Dr. Reardon brings to the Council expertise in the relationships between urbanization, globalization and food security of transforming agrifood systems, particularly within developing countries.
Dr. Alex Winter-Nelson, professor in the department of agricultural and consumer economics at the University of Illinois. Dr. Winter-Nelson adds expertise in the relationships between development interventions and poverty or food security in developing countries – especially Eastern and Southern Africa.
These non-resident fellows join the Council’s robust team of affiliated experts on global agriculture, including: distinguished fellow Catherine Bertini; senior advisor Rajiv Shah; senior fellow Roger Thurow; and non-resident senior fellows David Joslyn and Robert L. Thompson.