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Past Events

Prioritizing a Gender Inclusive Economic Recovery

Women, Equity, and Global Development Forum

Building a sustainable and inclusive post-pandemic global economic recovery must center women and girls.

Women wearing protective face masks walk at the financial and business district of La Defense, amid the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Paris, France, November 9, 2020.

Building Gender Equality Through Inclusive Foreign Policy

Women, Equity, and Global Development Forum

In honor of International Women’s Day, experts analyze why building a more gender-equal world through feminist foreign policy is key to pandemic recovery.

French President Macron holds consultative talks ahead of G7 summit meeting in Paris

Commentary & Analysis

Preventing an Escalation of Violence Against Women: City Action in the Wake of COVID-19

In the News
Peace in Our Cities
Flavia Carbonari

Quarantine, social isolation and lockdown measures put in place to prevent the spread of the virus have led women and girls to be exposed to increased risks of victimization.

Women wearing masks

Dietary Diversity for Women Improves Nutrition Security for All

Global Food for Thought by Soumya Gupta

Long before the pandemic, evidence showed a persistent deficiency in food intake of women in India. A convergence of policies and programs across sectors can boost the nutrition security of women and their communities.

A woman with potatoes
Jessica Ames, Tata-Cornell Institute
Food and Agriculture


Conflict-Related Sexual Assault—Historic Barriers to International Recognition

Working Paper by Nicole Mattea

This working paper further explains the recent emergence of conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV) into international discourse and preventative strategies.

A woman in a stands outside the Women's Centre in Balukhali camp March 6, 2018.
UN Women/Allison Joyce
Women and Girls

Women and Girls as Change Agents

Report by Coauthors

Investing in girls' education can put countries on the path to a more stable, prosperous future.

A young Indian girl writes on a chalkboard in a classroom
Nikhita S.
Women and Girls