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Past Events

Mexico-US Ties Under the Biden Administration

Hart Program Series

Mexico’s lead official on North American relations joins the Council for its inaugural program in the Hart Program Series on Latin America.

President Biden listens during virtual meeting with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador from the White House

YP In-Depth on Asylum

YP In-Depth

Members of the Council’s Young Professionals Network are invited to join Sarah Pierce of Migration Policy Institute to examine asylum in the US.

Demonstrators hold signs saying "Home is Here" outside the U.S. Supreme Court

Commentary & Analysis

Illinois Continues to Lead in Immigrant Inclusion Policies

Global Insight by Rob Paral

Rob Paral discusses the state of Illinois and Greater Chicago area leading by example on immigrant inclusion and legal policies.

sign reading we offer medical exams for immigration in front of brick wall
Immigration and Migration

Fixing Our Bureaucracy Would Have Saved Afghan Lives

In the News
The Hill
Elizabeth Shackelford

"It may be too late for many of our Afghan allies, but we owe it to those we failed before and those who serve us in the future to fix this broken system," the Council's Elizabeth Shackelford writes with immigration lawyer Craig Richardson.

Afghans show documents to US troops in Kabul
Immigration and Migration


A Global Welcome: Metro Chicago's Approach to Immigrant Inclusion

Report by Coauthors

Chicago is positioned to elevate itself as a bold city, capable of taking on cutting-edge policies and providing accessible opportunities for all residents.

A young woman in Delaware holds a sign saying, "No human being is illegal"
Immigration and Migration

Coming Together or Coming Apart?

Public Opinion Survey by Coauthors

We examine the attitudes of foreign policy opinion leaders and the public in the Trump Era.

Shadows cast from a crowd of people in front of an American flag.
Public Opinion


Sara McElmurry 

Nonresident Fellow, Immigration
Council expert Sara McElmurry