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America's Not the Only Place Democracy is Under Siege

In the News
Deep State Radio
Ivo H. Daalder

Ivo Daalder, Kori Schake and David Sanger discuss the international challenges facing the Biden administration.

Global Politics

Council Experts Offer President Biden Foreign Policy Advice

Global Insight by The Council

From the COVID-19 vaccine to US foreign policy, our experts share their recommendations for the new administration. 

Field of flags on President Biden's inauguration day
US Foreign Policy


Americans Expect Temporary Drop in US Influence Due to Capitol Attack

Public Opinion Survey by Multiple Authors

Dina Smeltz and Brendan Helm analyze public opinion data showing while most Americans think US democracy is still functioning, they believe it has been either temporarily or permanently weakened.

Public Opinion

Republicans and Democrats in Different Worlds on Immigration

Public Opinion Survey by Multiple Authors

Republicans see immigration as a critical threat to the country, say restricting immigration makes the US safer, and support using US troops to stop migrants from crossing into the United States. Democrats, on the other hand, do not consider immigration a critical threat, and their views on policy actions substantially and consistently differ from Republicans.

People's shadows projected on a large American flag
Public Opinion