At the beginning of the twenty-first century, neither the city, the nation-state, nor geopolitical rivalries are declining in relevance. While the international system has been slowly evolving, great powers are increasingly competing for influence. In this context, the project evaluates potential ways to construct foreign policies, reform global governance, and represent stakeholders in an era of both geopolitical competition and urbanization.

By examining the divergent, often top-down approaches being deployed in cities, the project outlines the institutions, networks, and infrastructures through which geopolitical trends are crossing borders to influence urban development. It also explores the new modalities—including networks and cyber-attacks—nation states use to project influence and power in urban spaces abroad.

The project serves as a platform for scholars and practitioners to engage with the intersection of geopolitics and urbanization, providing policy analysis and guidance for local, national, and international policymakers

Stay tuned for policy memos, podcasts, and other analysis from the project team. 


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