Rebuilding Central America: The 14th Annual Gus Hart Lecture

Felix Maradiaga, Social Entrepreneur, Managing Director, Pioneer Capital Partners

Rebuilding Central America: The 14th Annual Gus Hart Lecture by The Chicago Council

Central America is rebuilding, and laying the foundation for a free and prosperous future, according to Felix Maradiaga, the 2015 Gus Hart Fellow. Long associated with violence, poverty, and corruption—and most recently, the migration of some 70,000 women and children—the region is increasingly being reshaped by engaged activists and entrepreneurs. Pioneering initiatives involving the public, private, and NGO sectors are fostering new avenues for economic development and civic engagement. How are social entrepreneurs in Central America making a difference? What are the region’s future prospects for peace and prosperity, and what can other nations learn from this journey? Join The Chicago Council and Felix Maradiaga for an exploration of the road ahead for Central America. 

This fellowship has been endowed by the Hart family to honor former Chicago Council board member, Gus Hart, distinguished cofounder of the Inter-American Foundation, whose lifelong interest in the Latin American and Caribbean region and long service to The Chicago Council served as an inspiration for many in Chicago. Gus Hart Visiting Fellows are selected annually to spend one week in Chicago interacting with business, civic, academic, and media professionals in a program tailored to the Fellow’s interests and experience.

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