Sara McElmurry

Nonresident Fellow, Immigration

Areas of expertise: Global Immigration


Sara McElmurry is a nonresident fellow at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, where she has contributed to a portfolio of research and analysis focused on immigration to the Midwest since 2014. She is also an award-winning communications strategist, having built media advocacy and multicultural outreach platforms for a number of national and local nonprofit organizations focused on immigration, education, housing, and health policy.

McElmurry was a research professor at the Universidad Tecnológica de la Mixteca in Oaxaca, Mexico. She continues to be involved in sustainable development work in southern Mexico, along with organizations supporting Mexican and Latino immigrants in the United States.

Her writing and research have appeared in Foreign Policy, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and the Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, along with numerous regional publications. McElmurry earned BA degrees in Spanish and communications from Bradley University and an MA in linguistics from Northeastern Illinois University.


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