Michael Tiboris

Nonresident Fellow, Global Water

Areas of expertise: Global Food & Agriculture, Global Water


Michael Tiboris is nonresident global water fellow at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and was a public fellow for the American Council of Learned Societies.  His research concerns primary resource stability as a foreign policy objective, and is particularly focused on water resource policy, cooperative resource governance, and global justice.  He holds a PhD in ethics and political philosophy from the University of California, San Diego, and has previously held fellowships supported by the Spencer Foundation, and San Diego State University’s Institute for Ethics and Public Affairs. His written work is published in a number of academic sources (including Social Theory and Practice, the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, and The Journal of Applied Philosophy), popular media sources (including The National Interest, Foreign Policy, and Chicago Tribune), and has been recognized by the University of Pennsylvania’s Global Go To Think Tank Index as among the best work produced in 2016.


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